Concert Review: Arthur King & The Night Sea and Aaron Espinoza @ The Hi Hat

The Hi-Hat and Dangerbird Records presented an experimental, psychedelic odyssey on Sept. 20 as Arthur King & The Night Sea and Aaron Espinoza (of Earlimart) showed up with music that went beyond the normal audio performance one expects from a concert. A major addition to both sets was the inclusion of visual aids that elevated … Continue reading Concert Review: Arthur King & The Night Sea and Aaron Espinoza @ The Hi Hat

Beta Days – New Single Release

Rhode Island-based Beta Days has released their single “Agendas” from the upcoming album “S.T.T.” coming out June 23. Check out the mellow yet uplifting track here: Beta Days is the one-man project of Bill Bierce, who serves as songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The project came to Bierce when he decided he wanted to do more … Continue reading Beta Days – New Single Release

Astro Lasso – Band Interview

York-native electronic indie duo Astro Lasso have recently released its debut EP and is now on tour opening for We the Kings in more than 25 cities. Today, Astro Lasso spoke with ETV about the group’s origins, the making of their EP, and their partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Astro Lasso is made up … Continue reading Astro Lasso – Band Interview

Alabaster Stag – Band Interview

Baton Rouge-based soul and R&B band Alabaster Stag recently released its debut EP “Perfume” in December. ETV spoke with the group’s lead singer Chloe Johnson today about the formation of the band, the making of the new EP, and the overall message she wants her music to have on the world. The roots of … Continue reading Alabaster Stag – Band Interview

Morricone Youth – New EP Release

Morricone Youth is continuing its two-year venture where the group releases 15 vinyl and digital LPs and EPs featuring their take on live scores of silent era films and midnight movies. Last month they released the 10-track LP “Mad Max” inspired by the 1979 dystopian action film of the same name. Check out the snyth-frenzy … Continue reading Morricone Youth – New EP Release