Official Zeze Slays with “Stuck in Despair EP”

Official Zeze along with Kam Nasty have recently released their latest effort “Stuck in Despair,” a five song EP that explores the inner workings of partnership and mental demons. Check out the EP below. The EP opens with “Break You Down,” which starts off with a poignant, pretty piano melody just as the heavy, … Continue reading Official Zeze Slays with “Stuck in Despair EP”

Blisterhead – EP Review

A brand-new Blisterhead EP titled “Border Control” is out now and that means everyone who enjoys 50s rock ‘n’ roll and 70s punk rock are in for a real treat. Check out the title track “Border Control” here: Released on May 19, the new EP shows off why this band was well respected in … Continue reading Blisterhead – EP Review

JOMO – EP Review

Hailing from Atlantic City, JOMO is no stranger to the Hip-Hop and rap scene. He released his “What I Want” EP on May 1 and it has already taken off. Check out the lead single here: The self-titled lead single starts things off with a chill beat and hot rhymes that lets the listener … Continue reading JOMO – EP Review