JOMO – EP Review

Hailing from Atlantic City, JOMO is no stranger to the Hip-Hop and rap scene. He released his “What I Want” EP on May 1 and it has already taken off. Check out the lead single here:

The self-titled lead single starts things off with a chill beat and hot rhymes that lets the listener get a feel for what’s about to come as well as providing a solid representation of the EP’s overall sound. The track has an uplifting message told through a Hip-Hop rhythm that would sound dope blasting through the car stereo. Following up is “Jersey Strong,” a track that contains a vocal loop that moves along with the beat. This track is perhaps the most experimental, a product of what can be accomplished in the studio by creative minds. Let JOMO remind you of the G-stack tales while chilling with this one.

“Cocky” is JOMO is at his best, as his mad verses flow into his bass-heavy magic chorus to balance attitude with soulful vocals. He can’t stop tooting his own horn on this song, and he wouldn’t stop if you told him to. The next track “LaLa” is a street-inspired club staple that would get everyone onto the dance floor, continuing with the attitude and swagger that JOMO knows how to deliver. The distinct synth that slides along would make your subwoofer vibrate your car and your pad.

Photo via JOMO

The slower “Clap” has JOMO telling his listeners to clap along to the beat if they feel his words. He spits truth while keeping the party going. It’s a track that bridges together the EP along. “Wanna Be My Freak” is more subdued compared to previous songs, but it’s still gonna keep you feeling the beats. Featuring WhiteKeys, the rap duo’s lyrics on this one are the wittiest on the EP with some inventive wordplay on a subject matter that has a lot of material to work with. The double threat is strong here and you’d have to step up your game to keep up with this one.

Perhaps the best track on the EP, “I’m SO Ole’ School” is a 90s-inspired street and perhaps the most instrumental track, with a melodic flute during the chorus and even a heavy distorted guitar thrown into the mix for good measure. JOMO’s swag on this track is bananas and he really does take us back to the old school. Check out the music video here:

Closing up the EP is “25 To Life,” a track discussing how many young brothers need to put down the guns and put away dealing to live a more responsible life (while still keeping it real). JOMO promotes his obligation to inspire those to make better choices in life to avoid 25 to life.

Overall, JOMO is the kind of rapper you listen to for a good mix of beats and vocals that are fun, authentic, and accessible to many who like rap and even good for those who don’t. Give it a listen, and let JOMO take over your world for a bit. To stay up to date with everything JOMO, follow him on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube and his official site.

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