Andrea Pizzo’s Latest Single is a True Space Adventure

Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice share their latest space rock single “Go Fishing in the Ocean of Enceladus.” Check out the exciting, daring song below:

The Purple Mice is a musical project consisting of Andrea Pizzo, Raffaella Turbino, Riccardo Morello, and Roberto Tiranti, and together they are making songs based around planets, space, and the universe. Their song “Go Fishing in the Ocean of Enceladus” begins as a mellow, laid-back rock track with a hypnotic, spacey intro embellished in cool sound effects. Andrea starts the song off by painting a picture of travelers looking for a great new voyage to the small moon of Saturn, using his distinctive voice that is full of wonder and enthusiasm. The song is modern yet psychedelic, mixing child-like charm from The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” with the take-off adventure found in David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” Although the song’s influences are distinguishable, this track is truly original, and the Purple Mice show they can stand out and have a sound that is all their own.

Raffaella’s vivid lyrics help bring visual life to the song. They are full of details and allow the listener to expand their own imagination. When the characters in the story begin to leave earth’s atmosphere toward Enceladus, the song picks up, from its upbeat tempo, drumming, and increased urgency to match with the ongoing adventure. Upon descending onto their new planet, the voyagers quickly encounter danger after they start digging when an electric octopus attacks them. The whimsical nature of the story along with the rocking instruments make for a truly wonderful listening experience.

We recommend this song to anyone who is already interested in space rock or who wants to get into the genre. It is a solid introduction into what the genre has to offer: stories about space travel, music that breaks conventional boundaries, and bringing together people who have ever wondered about what lies just beyond the stars.

Overall, “Go Fishing in the Ocean of Enceladus” is a tribute to science fiction done in a fun, lighthearted way. To stay up to date with Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice, check them out on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and their website.

R&B Pop Artist SolAce drops new track “Glowd Up”

SolAce is back again with a new banger “Glowd Up” featuring eclectic rapper Rekka. Check out the song below:

SolAce has shown his more intimate side before with songs such as “Rearranging,” and now he’s letting us know there’s more to his musical repertoire to be enjoyed. “Glowd Up” starts off with a cool arpeggiate synth line as the beat kicks in. You then immediately feel your shoulders poppin’ and your head bumping. The kicks, snares and hi-hats all sound crisp, and bundle that with the hard-hitting deep bass notes, we end up having rhythm section that will get everybody moving in no time.

The song’s lyrics are about getting ready to go to the club. Luckily for us, SolAce is able to bring the club to us. There are many clever rhyming schemes to be found here, a personal favorite being:

“Hopped out feeling fresh and clean / With a comb in my hands singing Billie Jean”


The line is even accompanied with the classic MJ “Hee hee!” This attention to detail is what makes re-listens more enjoyable. Although the song seems to be about getting ready to have a fun night out, on a deeper level, the song is more about having the positive energy to do what you want in life despite the haters. It’s about having a positive radiance that illuminates your path forward in life, a consistent message with SolAce’s songwriting across multiple songs.

The vocals have a silky-smooth rap rhythm to them, but SolAce has more singing chops than his contemporaries. His whispery verses contrast well with his powerful delivery during the “Glowd Up” chorus. The delivery of the title has an anthemic feel to it, and you know it’s gonna be a crowd pleaser at shows where everyone can sing along. Rekka then drops in and adds in her slick verse about not wasting time on trippin’, as her clear, tight voice just oozes flow. SolAce definitely knows who to collaborate with to elevate his songs to the next level.

Overall, “Glowd Up” is sure to be a house party staple, and we can’t wait to hear more from SolAce as he continues down his musical journey. What will be next for SolAce: a touching ballad or a breakdancing hurricane? Stay up to date with Enter the Venture to find out. Follow SolAce on social media at TikTokInstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube and his website.

Sword in Stone Release Latest Single “Hey Marianne”

Adelaide-native indie pop band Sword in Stone have released a retro styled performance video for their song “Hey Marianne” that gives off strong Beatles vibes. Check out the song below:

Going into this song, I was expecting something indie and perhaps lo-fi. But after the first listen, I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the mix, which brings out the lush sounds of each instrument and places the vocals in a nice pocket. The songwriting follows the structure normally found in pop songs, though there are some interesting choices made, such as after the first chorus where they decide to let the chords ring for a bit, which adds a nice break from the beat. There are a lot of interesting guitar licks within the verses to keep things fresh, and the solo adds to the overall entertaining atmosphere of this track.

“Hey Marianne” is overall a head-bopping, easy going, harmonious song that is sure to put you in a good mood. Lyrically down to earth, and visually enjoyable to watch, Sword in Stone is a band you can just tell is having a blast whenever they are performing together, and that feeling rubs off the viewer well. The clean tone of the guitar, the foot tapping rhythm section, and catchy vocals by Adam Horwood all blend to present a pop anthem that is sure to be a staple on many listener’s summertime playlists.

Sword in Stone are continuing to put their hometown Adelaide on the map as a place where upbeat tunes are being produced. We look forward to seeing what comes next from this band. Check them out at their upcoming gig in Adelaide, South Australia, on the 11th of February at the Jade. To keep up to date with Sword in Stone, check them out on YouTube and Facebook.

Alex Genadinik Presents a Song Inspired By Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

Alex Genadinik is back with another tune that is both melodic and epic. Check out “The One Who Didn’t” below:

The track begins with acoustic strumming that is rhythmic and builds anticipation for something grand to come forward. Lyrically, the song is about a man who is uncertain about his future, and just then, he is visited by Beethoven’s fifth to inspire him into action. We learn that the symphony caused the character in the narrative to aim high in life, but that also led to him having second doubts about what it was all for. The song ends with him laughing madly as he continues to be inspired by the symphony, leaving the listener to wonder what truly became of him.

The pace of the song and the energetic drumming add urgency to the pace. The chorus is catchy and mixes backing vocals, strings, and guitar finely. The breakdown after the first chorus will surely have you taping your foot. Overall there are a lot of interesting instrumental sections and songwriting prowess on display here, and the highlight is having the actual motif from the symphony ingrained into the song.

“The One Who Didn’t” is a fresh strong with strong inspiration, meaningful lyrics, and is both traditional in nature and progressive in its delivery. It is sure to be a song that will inspire others just as Ludwig’s 5th inspired this story. To learn about this song and read the full lyrics, click here. To hear more songs with metaphors, click here. Also here is a list of Alex’s PLR courses.

KrzyFr33 Presents Hardcore Metal with “Negative Tension”

Freeman Bune Mays, aka KrzyFr33, has released his song “Negative Tension” on several streaming platforms. Check out the intense metal track here:

Right from the beginning, “Negative Tension” starts with hard hitting riffs and cage-rattling drums. The vocals are clearly filled with emotional rage and betrayal, as they want things to get back to how they were before the deception. The chorus has soaring vocals layered with aggressive, angst-filled rage, hanging onto the last strands of sanity, making you want to break things around you. The song flies off the rails yet it’s still extremely in control. The bridge’s lyrics are about two groups of people trying to get along, followed by the song bursting into a passionate melodic solo. Then the ending, which features powerful double pedal drums, adds an exclamation mark to solid track that could make it onto any upcoming metal playlist.

Lyrically, the song is about trying to get along with your family, but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t. It comes across loud and clear, and you can hear the honesty and pain in the voice. Instrumentally, the music has thrashing riffs, complex melodies, and interesting arrangements. It goes from heavy verses to soulful solo sections, letting you experience the full range of the songwriting spectrum of this rising artist.

Overall, “Negative Tension” is a great showing by KrzyFr33. We look forward to hearing more future music and hope he continues to construct his emotional destruction for us to enjoy. Stay up to date on Facebook and Spotify.

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