“Pareidolia” is a Road Trip to an Unknown Future

Nocturnal Omissions’ latest album “Pareidolia” is a mix of ambition with a lo-fi approach, and it's coming out on June 6. Check out the song “Local Customs” from the album here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wS_8QjvxlQ The path of any musical artist is usually unknown until they take the first steps down a certain road. Some will wander down … Continue reading “Pareidolia” is a Road Trip to an Unknown Future

Isaac Riley – Solo Artist Interview

Derivative of progressive rock, yet made with an accessible bend. That's how multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer Isaac Riley would describe his musical output over the years. His discography is an overflow of creativity that jumps from genre to genre looking to turn over a new leaf each time, all while keeping listeners guessing what path … Continue reading Isaac Riley – Solo Artist Interview

“Organized Chaos” is a Sampler’s Dream Come True

The intriguing beginnings of Nocturnal Omissions are being brought into the spotlight with the release of “Organized Chaos (20/25 Anniversary Edition: 1997-2002),” a collection of two early EPs that show off how this wide-ranging artist first discovered his sound. Check out disc 1 below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzqroijQ-9s “Organized Chaos” combines the 1997 EP “ShatteredTearz” and the 2002 … Continue reading “Organized Chaos” is a Sampler’s Dream Come True

Chad Rubin Scores a Slam Dunk with “Feels” Pop Album

Scottsdale, Arizona-native and award-winning singer-songwriter-producer Chad Rubin is set to release his upcoming pop album “Feels” on April 5 across all streaming platforms. Check out his latest video “Just Another” below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOuv0nTqH-w Chad is no stranger to the art of music. As a talented composer with a robust discography, the question is not whether this … Continue reading Chad Rubin Scores a Slam Dunk with “Feels” Pop Album

“Ascendant Sea” is a Great Travel Album for the Road

As more people become familiar with Nocturnal Omissions' music, they’ll soon learn that each release has its own identity and artistic agenda. The 2019 release of “Ascendant Sea” is an interesting album, as each song had a geographic place that influenced it. Check out the album below: https://open.spotify.com/album/0Sooz8qUfdPEY16URzDQt5?si=yN8WaLuIT9KhX9R1ltlTRA&dl_branch=1&nd=1 Hearing this album directly after Nocturnal Omissions’ … Continue reading “Ascendant Sea” is a Great Travel Album for the Road