Destroy Boys Embark on Sad Summer Festival Tour

Off the heels of the band’s latest single “Drink” in June, Sacramento-native punk band Destroy Boys are setting of the Sad Summer Festival tour Aug. 6 beginning in their hometown. Check out the single “Drink” below, considered to be an exploration of addiction and comfort.

Destroy Boys are a three-piece band founded by Violet Mayugba (guitar/vocals) and Alexia Roditis (vocals/guitar). Rounded out by drummer Narsai Malik they have been redefining West Coast punk, making waves from the California shoreline to the UK. In addition to having racked up over 60 million streams, their music can be heard in “Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2” game, and Tik Tok has embraced them to the tune of 20 thousand user-made videos and over 3.5 million views. 

Destroy Boys will be heading down to Anaheim on Aug. 7 at City National Grove Tour. Violet spoke to Enter the Venture about the upcoming show:

ETV: What did you miss most from not being able to perform or watch live shows for more than a year?

Violet: I definitely miss the energy from the crowd the most. Being able to look out and see the crowd’s faces with everyone dancing is so special.

ETV: What do you look forward to most about the Sad Summer Festival?

Violet: Meeting new people and playing with bands we’ve never played with before!

ETV: What do you enjoy most about performing Southern California shows?

Violet: SoCal has a special energy since there are so many different areas. No matter where you’re playing, you always get a great crowd!

The band have been outspoken advocates for a myriad of social justice issues, especially when it comes to racial equality, LGBTQA+ rights and inclusion for all, which is prevalent in their music, their actions, and how they use their platform.  Simply being two-thirds female and fronted by a queer woman is uncommon in a scene traditionally dominated by straight men.

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Fun Lyrics and Cool Vibes on Melodramatic Sinner’s “Sour Beach”

Renato Medurecan, the creative mind behind Melodramatic Sinner, was having a fun time when writing the lively words to his song “Sour Beach.” Musically and thematically intertwined, this song is great for the summer and will having you smiling from ear to ear. Check out the song on Spotify or below:

“Sour Beach” starts off with a clearly defined guitar riff that is groovy and soothing, presenting a very relaxing vibe perfect for the beach. The drums are steady, and the vocals are smooth and enjoyable to listen to. Each verse is separated with harmonious guitar playing adding to the tropical setting the song has created. Overall, the production and delivery of the song is top-notch and feels effortless.

But without a doubt, the most memorable and bold aspect about “Sour Beach” is the lyrics, which tell a vivid story about a man’s sour experience at a beach. As the track title implies, the tale unfolds in a unique fashion where a straight man has an encounter with someone who he thought was a woman. But since it’s dark at this California beach, ordering a banana flavored ice cream proved to be a big mistake. This true experience must’ve been dreadful for Renato, but looking back, it has allowed for a great narrative to be told in a song.

Honestly, the colorful lyrics found here are a breath of fresh air from the usual contemporary tracks these days. A bit of humor goes a long way, and we look forward to hearing more misadventures from the mind behind Melodramatic Sinner. Hopefully the next experience isn’t too traumatizing!

To stay up to date with Melodramatic Sinner, check him out on YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

Adry’s Long Musical Journey Results with “Well”

For anyone who’s looking for an atmospheric song with contemplative lyrics, look no further than Adry’s latest single “Well,” which soars high and wide with a catchy chorus and sounds buttery-crisp with top-notch production. Check out the song on Spotify here or check out the lyric video below:

Adry’s been releasing music for more than a decade now, but fans have been waiting a while for a new release. He explains how “Well” became to be:

“I’ve been on a journey with music over the years and this track is pretty much the product of that,” Adry said. “I penned the lyrics in a Berlin hotel room and recorded it at studios in London and the USA. Writing on the road opens up a whole new world of inspiration, fusing different cultures and emotions.”

The result is a song with strong lyrics that tell a tale and instrumentals that are clearly defined. It begins with a somber tone and shadowy synths as Adry’s distinctive voice comes in with a sense of longing and desire. The listener is then welcomed to the chorus like a shine of light, as it brightens the song up with hope and inspiration but still hangs onto vulnerability, as he sings “back into a dream while I’m getting scared.” The differences between the light and dark seem to be a big theme of the song and it reflects in the tone as well as with the message. The breakdown solo showcases delicate yet heartfelt guitar that can be a sign of how the person in the song is feeling.

Overall, “Well” has a range of emotions to keep anyone engaged for many repeat listens. Hopefully, this track is a sign for more future music from Adry to drop soon. We look forward to his upcoming releases and we will be adding “Well” to our newest Pop-Rock playlists!

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Joey Flats Delivers a Hit with “WASTED”

Joey Flats’ latest track “WASTED” is a surprising departure from the rapper’s previous work. Tapping into an alternative rock nerve, the song’s electric sounds and heartfelt vibes will delight dedicated fans and newcomers alike. Check out the song below:

“WASTED” is a well composed song with catchy hooks, clean guitars and fluid vocals all wrapped up in top-notch production. The immersive lyrics give a sense of desperation, which leads to multiple listens, leaving a lasting impact on the listener. The words capture a moment in a relationship and exposes the vulnerability we feel when we depend on others.

It’s always interesting to hear an artist create music in different genres. The clear production and vocal overlays found in rap and Hip-Hop come through here nicely and show that distortion and soaring guitar solos aren’t always needed to make a solid rock song. The overall sound of this track would not be out of place in a skate-pop-punk mixtape. If you’re looking for fast, youthful and awesome, look no further than “WASTED.”

We look forward to hearing more from Joey Flats and we’re curious to see what genre he jumps into next. To see and hear more of Joey, click here.

Rising Singer Subhi releases pop EP “Define Me”

After achieving critical acclaim in India with her unique blend of Hindi folk and jazz, she’s shedding previous conceptions of her art and embracing moody pop ballads and glittering electronics. For the five songs that comprise “Define Me”, Subhi enlisted a talented cast of producers to build out her heartfelt compositions, infusing them with a late night dance floor energy and widescreen synth flourishes that are sure to have you in your feelings.

Check out the titular song below:

“With this EP release, I feel liberated,” Subhi said. “Being an Indian-American, I have always had this inner conflict of where I belong. For years, I resisted releasing my English songs. This past year I realized that I need to be true to who I am and let the world see me. This EP tells the story of my evolution as an artist and an individual – I finally woke up, got out of my own way, endured rejections and in this process defined who I am.”

After immigrating to the US from India at the age of 16, Subhi found herself working on Wall Street. Unfulfilled and adrift, an internship with Oscar-nominated filmmaker Mira Nair helped her to realize her true passion was to make music, a desire that had been slowly burning since growing up in New Delhi and listening to her grandfather recite his favorite poems every evening. Early on she discovered that her delivery and cadence lent itself to the rhythms of jazz, and teamed up with local musicians in Chicago to make her debut album, “Shaitaan Dil (Naughty Heart),” which was co-presented by The Jazz Institute of Chicago.

Though her blend of storytelling and intricate jazz compositions brought her plenty of accolades, and a growing fan base back in India, her latest foray sees her diving headfirst into the sounds of contemporary American pop. Across her new EP, she investigates her identity as an Indian American, flexing her years of songwriting to make her most moving work yet.

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