Artist Spotlight: Alex Genadinik (Part 2)

Enter the Venture continues to highlight Alex Genadinik as we delve deeper into the meaning behind his songs through lyrics, metaphors and more. Part 1 of the artist spotlight can be found here.

To fully grasp an understanding of Genadinik’s lyrics and the inspiration behind them, there is a poetry book he wrote that can help put everything into perspective. Containing half original poems and half translations from Russian poet and singer-songwriter Bulat Okudzhava, it’s clear Genadinik strives to take listeners on an imaginative journey through new worlds and introspective feelings.

Among the many songs he has written and translated, there are many lyrical gems to be found. Some of his best song lyrics can be found in the song “Oh Michelangelo.” In it, he sings:

“You’re breathing with me, our souls have met.

Our eyes close as my fingers track new Sistine Chapels along your back.”

This is only one example of the imagery he is able to instill into his audience through majestic words. A lot of his noteworthy lyrics are based on poetry, Shakespeare, and common instances found in life. A common theme in his music are songs with metaphors, such as “Magic Dandelion,” which compares gun violence with petals of a dandelion, and “The One Who Didn’t,” which uses the motif found in Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in the song as a metaphor of an urgent door knocking on your life, asking you what you are doing with it.

But aside from all the optimism found in his lyrics, Genadinik also writes songs about loneliness such as “The Road Song.” Listen to the full song below:

It’s about a man going through the forest contemplating on a love that was not requited. As he continues moving forward, he feels her stare upon him through the night sky like two cold stars. Songs like these showcase the wide range of emotional appeal that Genadinik has, as he can go from uplifting songs that focus on happiness, all the way to the other end of the spectrum to sadness. However there’s no need to fear, these songs always have a touch of hope at the end.

All in all, Genadinik will continue to use inspiration from many sources found in the arts to create new and inspiring music. In addition writing songs, he also has white label video courses to resell.

Alex Genadinik Presents a Song Inspired By Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

Alex Genadinik is back with another tune that is both melodic and epic. Check out “The One Who Didn’t” below:

The track begins with acoustic strumming that is rhythmic and builds anticipation for something grand to come forward. Lyrically, the song is about a man who is uncertain about his future, and just then, he is visited by Beethoven’s fifth to inspire him into action. We learn that the symphony caused the character in the narrative to aim high in life, but that also led to him having second doubts about what it was all for. The song ends with him laughing madly as he continues to be inspired by the symphony, leaving the listener to wonder what truly became of him.

The pace of the song and the energetic drumming add urgency to the pace. The chorus is catchy and mixes backing vocals, strings, and guitar finely. The breakdown after the first chorus will surely have you taping your foot. Overall there are a lot of interesting instrumental sections and songwriting prowess on display here, and the highlight is having the actual motif from the symphony ingrained into the song.

“The One Who Didn’t” is a fresh strong with strong inspiration, meaningful lyrics, and is both traditional in nature and progressive in its delivery. It is sure to be a song that will inspire others just as Ludwig’s 5th inspired this story. To learn about this song and read the full lyrics, click here. To hear more songs with metaphors, click here. Also here is a list of Alex’s PLR courses.

KrzyFr33 Presents Hardcore Metal with “Negative Tension”

Freeman Bune Mays, aka KrzyFr33, has released his song “Negative Tension” on several streaming platforms. Check out the intense metal track here:

Right from the beginning, “Negative Tension” starts with hard hitting riffs and cage-rattling drums. The vocals are clearly filled with emotional rage and betrayal, as they want things to get back to how they were before the deception. The chorus has soaring vocals layered with aggressive, angst-filled rage, hanging onto the last strands of sanity, making you want to break things around you. The song flies off the rails yet it’s still extremely in control. The bridge’s lyrics are about two groups of people trying to get along, followed by the song bursting into a passionate melodic solo. Then the ending, which features powerful double pedal drums, adds an exclamation mark to solid track that could make it onto any upcoming metal playlist.

Lyrically, the song is about trying to get along with your family, but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t. It comes across loud and clear, and you can hear the honesty and pain in the voice. Instrumentally, the music has thrashing riffs, complex melodies, and interesting arrangements. It goes from heavy verses to soulful solo sections, letting you experience the full range of the songwriting spectrum of this rising artist.

Overall, “Negative Tension” is a great showing by KrzyFr33. We look forward to hearing more future music and hope he continues to construct his emotional destruction for us to enjoy. Stay up to date on Facebook and Spotify.

BAMMERS Brings Electronic Dance to the House

With a soothing beat and a clean-mixed sound, BAMMERS enters the music scene with a fresh take on the techno dance scene. Check out his song “SAMMER” from his upcoming album “DENBEATS” on Soundcloud:

Upon first listen, the song evokes imagery of a tropical dance party on the beach. The vibe is cool, chill, optimistic, and easily able to make it onto any electronic music playlist. But the song becomes much more when focusing on the details. There are lots of elements to unravel as the track progresses. Clearly, a lot of attention was put into the mix to get an array of layers to coexist peacefully.

The song offers a synth wave with a minimalistic beat and a heavy bass, as hi hats drop in to add to the momentum. Breakdowns throughout the song offer a moment of reflection to fully appreciate the environment presented in this track. There are many percussion elements used from arpeggiate keyboard melodies to splattering distorted effects. It’s these interesting intertwining production techniques that make this track stand out from the rest. The rhythm section is the main attraction and truly makes you nod your head to as you roll the top down on a long, sunny road trip. This is a recommended track for anyone looking to have a good start to their day or wind down for a relaxing night.

This is a promising start and the potential in BAMMERS to produce more quality music is high and we look forward to hearing more when “DENBEATS” drops. Stay up to date with this rising artist on his BAMMERS Instagram.

“Aggravated Damage” is an Experimental Experience

After having recently re-released his entire discography with the remastered treatment, one last gem from Nocturnal Omissions’ past remains to be explored by Enter the Venture. “Aggravated Damage” is a collection of tracks originally released in 2008 from side projects or cut from Myspace releases that will be set for free release this month. Check out the album below:

As a combination of demos from Nocturnal Omissions’ early days, “Aggravated Damage” is naturally gives off the impression that the album will have a mixtape feel, as the songs come from different projects and time periods. Going in, the expectation is to listen to how these early demos built a foundation that helped shape the later albums.

“Ghostline” starts things off as a spooky digital wonderland consisting of mysterious imagery. It is certainly intriguing and makes you wonder what type of music we’re in for. “Doctrine of Lies” is an underground synth labyrinth of textures, overlays, and mixing constructs, while “Private Torment of Brundlefly” is a post-industrial collection of static guitars, synth bass, and a distorted vocal loop to add to the already haunting environment. It’s an unnerving experience that is edgy, unexpected, yet still under control. “Itchy Tasty” is what happens if a party were to happen at the Spencer Mansion in the Resident Evil franchise. It’s very futuristic sounding as flashing strobe lights and fog machines galore come to mind. The electronic melody carries you into a swaying movement with its hypnotic beat. The distorted closer increases the intensity of it all.

“Awakening” is a hopeful tune with an optimistic synth melody that drives over the tribal drums. It paints the picture of a Buddhist Sangha drum circle that it’s based on. As an early 2002 demo, it already showed the capabilities of what Nocturnal Omissions would soon blossom into. The following song “Freedom” is also an upbeat song. Arpeggio melodies syncopate with a clean sounding, captivating piano/synth line that juxtaposes with distortion to present a full, balanced sound.

The next three songs are the trifecta of madness. “Anger Management” is an intensified battering on the ears. The industrial drums combined with heavy distortion is chaotic, relentless, and aggressive. “Necromancer Sugar Daddy” is also a fun distorted affair with a cool drumbeat and some metal riffs thrown in, and “Kabijjian Magnificence” is a fast-paced rocker that will leave you headbanging. The closing “Space Critters” is a cryptic, hidden track that nicely bookends the experimental experience that is this album.

Overall, “Aggravated Damage” is concentrated on using a multitude of sounds that cascade over the underlying electronic loops. The album would be perfect in a movie soundtrack about someone spiraling out of control into a mental breakdown. The opening tracks start off in a familiar territory, leading into the optimistic middle of the album before nose diving into the craziness and full-on distortion. Although the songs were not originally intended to be sequenced in this track listing, these demos still have a nice flow from one song to the next. As a collection of oddities, it still ranks as a noteworthy listen to the Nocturnal Omissions discography. This album is for anyone looking to satiate their electro-noise appetite.

Discover more of Nocturnal Omissions on BandcampYouTubeSpotifyAppleInstagramTwitter and his website.

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