Techno Rhythms Pulsate from Pop Dylan

Emerging from the depths of your electro-infused closet is dynamic duo Pop Dylan with their latest release “mimal.” Check out the thumping banger below: Imagine yourself at fever-inducing rave: flashing lights blinding your eyes, sweat humidifying the air and fog machines surrounding you in a mystical myst. You don’t want to stop, and you … Continue reading Techno Rhythms Pulsate from Pop Dylan

BAMMERS Brings Electronic Dance to the House

With a soothing beat and a clean-mixed sound, BAMMERS enters the music scene with a fresh take on the techno dance scene. Check out his song “SAMMER” from his upcoming album “DENBEATS” on Soundcloud: Upon first listen, the song evokes imagery of a tropical dance party on the beach. The vibe is cool, chill, … Continue reading BAMMERS Brings Electronic Dance to the House

“Aggravated Damage” is an Experimental Experience

After having recently re-released his entire discography with the remastered treatment, one last gem from Nocturnal Omissions’ past remains to be explored by Enter the Venture. “Aggravated Damage” is a collection of tracks originally released in 2008 from side projects or cut from Myspace releases that will be set for free release this month. Check … Continue reading “Aggravated Damage” is an Experimental Experience

Dirty Sole – New Single Release

Chicago-native electronic duo Dirty Sole has recently released their single “Owning It (feat. Nick Maurer)” with official remixes by The Juan MacLean of DFA Records. The remix pack is accompanied by a music video. Check out the smooth kicker here: The new release takes the darker, raw sound similar to Talking Heads or LCD Soundsystem to show the … Continue reading Dirty Sole – New Single Release