Techno Rhythms Pulsate from Pop Dylan

Emerging from the depths of your electro-infused closet is dynamic duo Pop Dylan with their latest release “mimal.” Check out the thumping banger below:

Imagine yourself at fever-inducing rave: flashing lights blinding your eyes, sweat humidifying the air and fog machines surrounding you in a mystical myst. You don’t want to stop, and you shouldn’t have to. You need to inject the night with another dose of addicting synths. Well never fear, as Pop Dylan enters the room to play “mimal,” a track with an emphasis on keeping your body twitching for a few more minutes before you transcend into nirvana. The song is full of high-octane beats from the get-go and is certain to be a definite must add to your upcoming summer pool party playlists.

When the song starts you immediately feel the electro bass and pulsing beats enter your body. The arpeggio synths swathe in and out of your ear canals to get your head bobbing, your hips swaying and your juices flowing. “Mimal” was made to bring the house down, to start the party, or even crash the party. It’s inevitable to not hear the song and not connect to it on a primal, carnal level. The tempo is fast and the electronic layers are constantly changing, always giving you something new to hang onto. The song has a modern mix to it that makes it sound contemporary amongst its equally electronic-based vivacious brethren.

Do you want to feel alive? If so, then listen to “mimal” on full blast and let your senses be bombarded into concussion. Even if you can’t handle it, you’ll at least feel like you experienced a new sensation. We look forward to hearing more from Pop Dylan. To stay up to date with the duo, check out their Instagram and website.

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