Pop Dylan Delivers Trance Vibes with MASHINA

Pop Dylan is back with another dance anthem for your out-of-mind and body experience. Check out the eclectically-focused “MASHINA” below:

If triumphant beats and vibrating skeletal sensations are on tonight’s to-do list, then crank up the volume with bass set to max on Pop Dylan’s “MASHINA,” a track that hits hard where it hurts. Starting off with melancholic notes and scratchy-tinged, ambiance-filling tones, the beat slowly picks up and spacey synths go from ethereal to catchy. The anticipation is enough for you to feel electricity flowing through your veins.

But just when you thought you knew what you were getting into, the dynamic expression of Pop Dylan becomes evident as the breakdown kicks in, featuring delicate keys and thought-provoking sentiments, to give you a break from your heart-pounding endeavors. You will feel solitude for a moment, though you know the drop is coming back in. And when it does, the wait really pays off. You’ll be hopping up and down and doing things with your arms you didn’t think were possible. 

Overall on this track, many genres of music touched upon, from house to classical, combining to form an overall crazed journey that has to be experienced at least once. So if you’re looking for a song that will make you do more than just gyrate on a swivel, look no further than “MASHINA.” To stay up to date with all things Pop Dylan, check out the group’s Instagram and website.

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