Quantum Dot Interview: New EP “Random Causalities”

Quantum Dot recently released “Random Causalities” on Oct. 14 and ETV had the chance to chat with the group to learn more about their brooding electronica EP. Producer Lionel Jeusette and Patrick Ribeiro (aka Quantum Dot) teamed up with singer-songwriter Thorunn Egilsdottir to create a unique sound that is sure to encapsulate a legion of new fans. Check out “Random Causalities” here:

ETV: How would you describe the sound of the EP?

QD: It’s crunchy, electric and stretches from dark to light. It’s supposed to make your hips tilt a bit and feel great when you are jogging alone through the forest. Preferably at night. We want to be there and provide comfort. 

ETV: What are the lyrical messages behind songs on the EP?

QD: The lyrics provide hope for the hopeless. We just want people to know that we are going through the same struggles as them. And, like them, we try to enjoy life nonetheless.

ETV: Why was it important to you to make the EP at this time?

QD: We are convinced this is an autumn child. Full of melancholy and hidden goodies. Pleasing others was never our ambition. But it would be great if listeners discovered something they like. 

ETV: How long did the EP take to finish?

QD: We lost so much time. This should have been out at least a year ago and there is nothing that explains why we took so long. We can’t blame it on COVID. Guess the EP chose its date of birth. But to answer your question it took almost three years.  

ETV: Were there any ideas/tracks for the EP that didn’t end up making the cut? If so, how come?

QD: Strangely, we are quite aligned in what we want to work on.  We delete any bad ideas from scratch, saving us a lot of time. ‘Clean’ took us ages to finish. They took so many turns and none of us liked it. We read some reviews that thought it was the best song on the EP.  Seems like we have no idea after all…

To stay up to date with Quantum Dot, check them out on Facebook, Spotify and their website.

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