Dirty Sole – New Single Release

Chicago-native electronic duo Dirty Sole has recently released their single “Owning It (feat. Nick Maurer)” with official remixes by The Juan MacLean of DFA Records. The remix pack is accompanied by a music video. Check out the smooth kicker here:

The new release takes the darker, raw sound similar to Talking Heads or LCD Soundsystem to show the duo expanding their sound from their previous underground dance reputation. The single is a collaboration with singer-songwriter Nick Maurer, formerly of the band Green Keepers. His lyrics take the listeners through the different stages of envy and lust through a cool, fresh, and enticing vocal performance. The track was also remixed by DFA’s The Juan MacLean, where his pads and atmospheric layers enhance the song and takes it into a new and interesting avenue.


Dirty Sole was formed in 2001 by Daniel Anderegg and Richie Heller, where they integrated the history of their hometown Chicago into their mixes. The name was created by Richie, who wanted to make house music that sounded, “dirty, but soulful.” They quickly gathered the attention of dance music pioneers Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon for their first release on their Classic Music UK label. The record went on with multiple chart placements and soon after the duo would go on to release multiple hits that consisted of house, funk and techno.


Dirty Sole’s sophomore release “FWD Motion” is due out in December, and will feature blends of synth pop, dance, electronic, and hip-hop with guest artists Lyrics Born, Foremost Poets, Jon Von Letscher and James Curd.

To stay up to date with Dirty Sole, check them out on Soundcloud, Facebook 1 and Facebook 2, Instagram, YouTube and their website.

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