Art d’Ecco – New Album Release

Art d’Ecco is coming out of isolation with the release of his debut album “Day Fevers” coming out on Sept. 9, which features the stand out track “She So Hot.” The video for the song sees a woman’s fight to escape a kidnapping duo in the middle of British Columbian wilderness. Check out the suspense here:

The song contains darker tones that mesh well with the layers of upbeat rhythms and a catchy anthem-filling chorus. It will take multiple listens to get a true understanding for the lyrics that are sure to take any listener on a nature-filled journey. The music video was produced by Theo Kim at TGK Films and directed by Theo Kim, Jeremy Szostak, Adam Beal, and Colin Kozachuk and stars Jen Walls, Shaun Omaid, and Jason Asuncion.

Art d’Ecco’s debut LP (released on Your Face Records) is a playlist mixing elements self-described as “70s glamrock with analogue synthesizers and Motown rhythms; garage rock with Krautrock; and neo-psychedelia with… spaghetti western soundtracks.”

After dealing with personal turmoil, d’Ecco escaped the city life and relocated to the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. He was on a mission of rediscovery where he spent three years in seclusion on the island overcoming the obstacles of isolation and regret.

“I’d fled a bad scene in Vancouver – my life was spinning out of control and I needed a refresh,” d’Ecco said. “I was burnt out and over playing music. The scene. The debauchery.”

Photo credit: Kira Clavell

The album features classic rock n roll as well as new wave psychedelia inspirations, flowing like a playlist and spans different genres within himself. The opening track “Sunrise” and the closer “Sunset” show the true scope of “Day Fevers” venture through themes of desire, isolation, nostalgia, and personal discovery. It is available as a 12-inch vinyl and digital pre-sales are available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

“Day Fevers” album artwork.

We’re glad d’Ecco is out of isolation and we are ready to enter the venture with him! To stay up to date with all things d’Ecco, check him out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

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