The Max Tribe – New Album Release

Boston-based indie band The Max Tribe have released their debut album “Retrofit” on August 18. Listen to their single “Yellow Pages” here: The album “Retrofit” takes its name from taking something old and revitalizing it with the addition of contemporary parts. The band does this with their ability to take classic rock influences to … Continue reading The Max Tribe – New Album Release

Morricone Youth – New EP Release

Morricone Youth is continuing its two-year venture where the group releases 15 vinyl and digital LPs and EPs featuring their take on live scores of silent era films and midnight movies. Last month they released the 10-track LP “Mad Max” inspired by the 1979 dystopian action film of the same name. Check out the snyth-frenzy … Continue reading Morricone Youth – New EP Release

Art d’Ecco – New Album Release

Art d'Ecco is coming out of isolation with the release of his debut album “Day Fevers” coming out on Sept. 9, which features the stand out track “She So Hot.” The video for the song sees a woman’s fight to escape a kidnapping duo in the middle of British Columbian wilderness. Check out the suspense here: … Continue reading Art d’Ecco – New Album Release