Cold Engines Release New Song “She Looks a Lot Like You”

Cold Engine’s new album “The Last Resort” releases on Jan. 1

In anticipation of the new “The Last Resort” album coming out, Cold Engines is unleashing the funky groover “She Looks a Lot Like You” featuring smooth instrumentation and a rocking ambiance.

Contrasting the solemn vibes of their previously featured single “The Darkest Part,” Cold Engine’s new song has all the foot tapping beats, authentic vocals, seductive lyrics and lush production to ease your craving for something old school yet contemporary. Fans of bluesy rock will surely get a kick out of this one.

Winning “Rock Band Of The Year” at the New England Music Awards, the new wave power pop band is looking to break boundaries with the ambitious record set as a rock opera based on the 1990 movie “Total Recall.” Get ready as the fifteen fully realized tracks take us on a journey to Mars and back!

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Cold Engines Release New Song “The Darkest Part”

Boston Native soul-inspired rock band Cold Engine has released its latest single “The Darkest Part,” a soothing track evoking a feeling of honesty, hope, yet solemn vibes. The song is part of their upcoming sixth studio album “The Last Resort” coming out on all platforms on Jan. 1, 2021.

The acoustic intro and warm vocals in “The Darkest Part” present a calm setting, so don’t be shy to recline in your seat and relax to this groove. Cold Engine is known for its use of interesting vocal harmonies and melody driven tunes, and it’s no different here as the vocals blend nicely with the song’s top-notch production, capturing the listener in a room of chill textures. The country-inspired has everything you would want in a ballad, so even though it is short and sweet , it is not easily forgettable. You’ll find yourself humming this tune for days to come. Considering the album is based on Sci-Fi movie “Total Recall,” only time will tell how the song fits into their overall concept.

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The Max Tribe – New Album Release

Boston-based indie band The Max Tribe have released their debut album “Retrofit” on August 18. Listen to their single “Yellow Pages” here:

The album “Retrofit” takes its name from taking something old and revitalizing it with the addition of contemporary parts. The band does this with their ability to take classic rock influences to create new psych-Blues and Soul indie rock similar in sound to The Black Keys or Morning Jacket. The album was recorded over the course of 15 months at 1867 Studios in Boston, a massive building that once served as a Masonic Temple but now houses the collection of vintage recording equipment.

the max tribe 2.png
Image via The Max Tribe

“These songs transpired through strife, love, heartbreak, and mystery, conditions we all relate to,” The Max Tribe said. “The sound of the record cultivated from old techniques with a retrofit approach. We sought out to take vintage sounds and modernize them. The theme or concept of the record is revealed most in the production. We recorded most of the album in an old Masonic Temple built in 1867. This is where the album ultimately got its color and conviction.”

Image via The Max Tribe

The band was born in 2013 when vocalist and Nashville-native Austin Max united with drummer Conner Kessler at music school in Boston. For more than a year they developed a psych sound playing around New England. Together they linked up with keyboard player Noah Lubert and bass player Rafael Minerbo in 2016, completing the group’s signature psych sound.

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Midnight Snack – Band Interview

The Asheville-based indie band Midnight Snack has released its third full-length album “Child’s Eyes” in April this year. Lead vocalist and drummer Jack Victor spoke with ETV today about the making of the album, the challenges they faced, and plans for the rest of 2017. Check out the song “Shadow Chaser” from the new album here:

The band was started by brothers Jack Victor (vocals, drums) and Mike Henry Johnson (guitar, synth) before their enrollment in college. They added classmates Peter Brownlee (bass) and Zack Kardon (guitar) and old friend, Katie Richter (vocals, trumpet) to complete the five-piece and have quickly been making a name for themselves. Jack said he started writing the songs for “Child’s Eyes” when the band was on tour in 2014, a tour that lasted several months, allowing for him to come up with enough ideas that he would try out whenever he could get to a piano.

“The first two songs were ‘Luna’ and ‘Back to The Source’ and each of those kind of set the tone for the rest of the album,” Jack said. “From that point on I tried to focus on writing songs that were deeply personal and also songs that either illustrate time passing or looking back.”

midnight snack
Photo via Midnight Snack

The album took two years to write, arrange and record. The sound transformed as time went on, specifically due to this being the first record they made in their own studio and having to deal with the technical limitations that endeavor entails. Another first for this album was the writing process, where several arrangements were recorded in the studio before playing them as a group. As for the meaning of the song’s lyrics, Jack said he likes to let the audience decide.

“I’ve always felt that whoever is listening to the music is the authority on what a song means, because it is a subjective experience,” Jack said. “That said, the themes I was writing within were longing for a loved one and reflecting on growing up.  We had just moved to Asheville, North Carolina around the time we were working on ‘Child’s Eyes’ and I think the set change helped to inspire some of these thoughts.”

Despite the experience of dealing with the technical limitations of their own studio, including microphones, sound isolation and glitchy software, it also allowed the band new freedoms. They could take as long as they wanted to record without having to worry about meeting deadlines.

“We had as much time as we needed to finish the record, so we took our time,” Jack said. “The hardest aspect was deciding when to be done. I think we could have just continued polishing it forever.”

The band is currently on tour concluding at the Asheville Barnaroo 2017 on Sept. 30. They are also working on another track. Beyond that, Midnight Snack is leaving their options open for what’s to come.

“It’s tough for us to look too far down the line,” Jack said. “Hopefully many more shows and records!”

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Mario Jose – Solo Artist Interview

Mario Jose’s debut EP “Heart of Gold” is a six-song collection that showcases the rising pop singer’s best talents. ETV spoke with Mario about his musical inspirations, the Kickstarter campaign behind the making of his EP, and his plans for the future. Check out the EP here:

Mario’s journey as a singer comes at a very young age, picking up inspiration from his idols that include Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Donny Hathaway and Mariah Carey. However, his first and most important influence in shaping up who he is today was his mom.

“My mom is a singer herself, so she was my first musical inspiration,” Mario said. “If you ask my mom, she said I was singing in the womb. As long as I can remember, I was interested in singing. The first recording of me singing was at 2.5 years old into my parents Dictaphone and I haven’t shut up since.”

Mario would go on to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston and was a part of the award-winning a cappella group Pitch Slapped. He moved to Los Angeles after graduating to pursue a career in music.

mario jose1.jpg
Photo via / KD Photo

Mario’s latest EP “Heart of Gold” EP is the result of a crowdfunding effort to help pay the costs of producing the record. Mario and his manager Ryan Aceto (AMMO Management) both knew they needed to raise money through a grassroots effort because they were completely independent without a label. They ultimately decided on the website Kickstarter, a website that helps a creator raise funds to complete whatever project they are trying to bring to reality.

“Ryan did tons of research about all of the different sites we could use and we thought Kickstarter was the right fit for us, which in the end was absolutely the case!” Mario said. “I was very surprised to see that we reached our goal nine days early. With that extra time, we could keep pushing the limits of what we could do! I was also super surprised to see friends that I haven’t seen in AGES coming through and contributing to the project.”

Mario describes the EP as primarily pop, with several genres and influences coming through in each song. He said when he was writing the EP, he wanted to collaborate with some of his favorite artists to talk about real life experiences that affect many people daily, such as unrequited love, bullying, and trying to fit in and finding your own voice. These were important topics for Mario to discuss and would help his audience relate to his music. Ultimately, when his first solo project was finally released, it was a goal Mario had been dreaming of for a very long time.

“I was so excited for this EP for many reasons, but mainly because it was my first solo project I had ever released,” Mario said. “I think my favorite part was seeing so many people come together to help me make my dream come true. I will always say ‘we’ when talking about ‘Heart of Gold’ because it was a labor of love of so many people.”

Mario’s excited about the release of his EP, but that’s only the beginning of his ongoing journey. He recently released his newest cover single of Charlie Puth’s “Attention” featuring singer-songwriter Madilyn Bailey and video editor Kurt Hugo Schneider. Check out the video here:

When it comes to touring, Mario has shared the stage and studio with music icons including Pentatonix (opening for them on tour), Prince, Justin Bieber, Meghan Trainor (New Orleans Jazz Fest 2017), John Legend (NBC’s Duets), Michael McDonald, Philip Bailey (of Earth, Wind & Fire), John Elefante (of Kansas), Jim Peterick (of Survivor), Bill Champlin (of Chicago), Paula Cole, Lalah Hathaway, Ben E. King, Post Modern Jukebox and many more.

This year, Mario performed original music on tour for the first time on the Heart Hope & Love Tour with Travis Atreo and the Filharmonic, and they will be performing at the Brick & Mortar in San Francisco on July 13. Get your tickets here! 

“We sold out the L.A. show and now I’m excited to travel to San Francisco, Chicago and tons of other cities performing songs from ‘Heart of Gold’!” Mario said. “In between tour dates, I’ll be back in the studio writing and recording for the next project! Can’t wait!”

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