Cold Engines Release New Song “She Looks a Lot Like You”

Cold Engine's new album "The Last Resort" releases on Jan. 1 In anticipation of the new “The Last Resort” album coming out, Cold Engines is unleashing the funky groover “She Looks a Lot Like You” featuring smooth instrumentation and a rocking ambiance. Contrasting the solemn vibes of their previously featured single “The Darkest Part,” … Continue reading Cold Engines Release New Song “She Looks a Lot Like You”

Cold Engines Release New Song “The Darkest Part”

Boston Native soul-inspired rock band Cold Engine has released its latest single “The Darkest Part,” a soothing track evoking a feeling of honesty, hope, yet solemn vibes. The song is part of their upcoming sixth studio album “The Last Resort” coming out on all platforms on Jan. 1, 2021. The acoustic intro and warm … Continue reading Cold Engines Release New Song “The Darkest Part”

The Max Tribe – New Album Release

Boston-based indie band The Max Tribe have released their debut album “Retrofit” on August 18. Listen to their single “Yellow Pages” here: The album “Retrofit” takes its name from taking something old and revitalizing it with the addition of contemporary parts. The band does this with their ability to take classic rock influences to … Continue reading The Max Tribe – New Album Release

Midnight Snack – Band Interview

The Asheville-based indie band Midnight Snack has released its third full-length album “Child’s Eyes” in April this year. Lead vocalist and drummer Jack Victor spoke with ETV today about the making of the album, the challenges they faced, and plans for the rest of 2017. Check out the song “Shadow Chaser” from the new album … Continue reading Midnight Snack – Band Interview

Mario Jose – Solo Artist Interview

Mario Jose’s debut EP “Heart of Gold” is a six-song collection that showcases the rising pop singer’s best talents. ETV spoke with Mario about his musical inspirations, the Kickstarter campaign behind the making of his EP, and his plans for the future. Check out the EP here: Mario’s journey as a singer comes at … Continue reading Mario Jose – Solo Artist Interview