NINA – New EP Release

London-based Nina has released her latest EP “One of Us” on Aug. 11 and it’s a synthpop and synthwave love affair. Check out the title track here:

The opening synthesizers in “One of Us” evoke outer-space emotions with Nina’s voice adding narrative to the worldly experience. When the beat drops, the song sounds straight ripped from a classic 80s film but still fresh, new and invigorating at the same time. The new wave roots wrapped in modern sensibilities clearly show the German-native’s early influences of Depeche Mode.

The second track, “Counting Stars,” also begins quite ominous in a synth-laden landscape. The darker and slower-tempo track offers the chance to get lost in the music and allows the listener to feel the nighttime stars surrounding them. The production on both of these songs are top-notch, thanks to producer Oscillian and mixing work by Grammy-Award winner Liam Nolan.

The rest of the EP remixes the two songs wonderfully. SJBRAVO’s remix of “One of Us” is a groovy disco style song made to get people on the dancefloor. It’s an interesting take and is different enough to feel like a new song entirely. Johnny Royal’s remix has faster-sounding beats with an underlying synth melody that adds a futuristic feel. Angger Dimas’ remix is full of suspense with dub-steps influences that completely take the song in a new direction. It is easily and by the far the most experimental track on the album. Lastly, Douglas Holmquist’s remix of “Counting Stars” is a soothing version that perfectly closes the EP as it relaxes you to the end. Overall, the songs and remixes on this album are great for anyone looking to relive the sounds of synthpop and synthwave from a new talent.

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Substance Abuse – New Album Release

Los Angeles-formed Hip-Hop duo Substance Abuse consisting of emcees Subz and Eso Tre have gone back and remixed their sophomore album “Background Music” that re-imagines the critically acclaimed work. Check out the track “Don’t Get Us Wrong feat. Tash (Remix)” off the EP “Background Music: The Redux” here:

Eso said the album refers to the state of Hip-Hop today and how music is created for mainstream consumption as opposed to original, creative and underground work. He said, “music seems deracinated of the personality and edge that it once had,” and the message in Hip-Hop lacks the significant power and influence it once had as it now relegates to background club and dance music.

This album is a great entry into the discography of Substance Abuse, where listeners can get a taste of their deep lyricism and personality all while focusing on socially conscious material. The “Redux” album features Krs-One, Tash, Waez One, Motion Man with remixes by The Chase, Da Stig, Rad Neef, Good Times, and Change the World.


Image provided by Substance Abuse

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Woodes – New EP Release

Australian producer, singer and songwriter Woodes recently released her soulful track “The Thaw” with a somber yet uplifting music video to accompany it. Now the track is getting fresh remixes with the help of three up-and-coming talents that take Woodes’ original idea into fresh new directions. Check out the SODF remix here:

To help with the remixes, Woodes enlisted Australian indie producer Lupa J, German sibling production duo DNKR, and Sydney-based house duo SODF to give “The Thaw” chill house and deep house vibes that transition the track into the club scenes flawlessly. The three tracks are available on the digital “The Thaw Remix EP.” Woodes has been collaborating with local and international artists including Kilter, Milwaukee Banks, Set Mo, Kintaro, FØRD and Golden Vessel, so we expect more great sounding collaborations in the near future.

Woodes’ vocals on “The Thaw” showcases her poetic lyrics mixed with echoed textures that create an ethereal sound that is uniquely her own. The song debuted at #12 on the iTunes Norway Alternative Chart. Her debut 2016 solo single “Daggers and Knives” has already had more than 300,000 plays and has been receiving frequent rotation on numerous radio stations. Get up to date with the original version of “The Thaw” with the striking video here:

The video was shot on location in Lake Mountain with Josh Harris (Welcome The Machines) that shows off the ice and snow found in the Australian mountains. Woodes worked with choreographer Courtney Hale to create flowing movement, which complimented her artistic vision for the track.

“I wanted to shoot on location where it was possible,” Woodes said. “Shooting on location provides an array of new variables to work with, the main one being the weather, which we had to closely monitor in order to shoot up so high with drones. My favorite part is the final shot. It looks like a movie, a game or a painting but it is entirely natural and unedited. It gives a full scope of the beauty of those mountains, all built in layers on the horizon, covered in mist.”


Woodes has just wrapped up touring around Australia supporting Dustin Tebutt on his “First Light” Australian National Tour and will be joining Montaigne on her sold out “Glorious Heights” National Tour. If you’re in Australia, be sure to check her out on her upcoming tour schedule:

Oct. 7 Gynneville, Aus @ UNI BAR
Oct. 8 Sydney, Aus @ Oxford Art Factory
Oct. 9 Lambton, Aus @ Lizotte
Oct. 14 Geelong, Aus @ The Workers Club
Oct. 15 Melbourne, Aus @ The Corner Hotel

Woodes is just beginning her own venture and you can bet ETV will be following her every move. To stay up date, check out her website and follow her on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, and buy “The Thaw” on iTunes.

Dirty Sole – New Single Release

Chicago-native electronic duo Dirty Sole has recently released their single “Owning It (feat. Nick Maurer)” with official remixes by The Juan MacLean of DFA Records. The remix pack is accompanied by a music video. Check out the smooth kicker here:

The new release takes the darker, raw sound similar to Talking Heads or LCD Soundsystem to show the duo expanding their sound from their previous underground dance reputation. The single is a collaboration with singer-songwriter Nick Maurer, formerly of the band Green Keepers. His lyrics take the listeners through the different stages of envy and lust through a cool, fresh, and enticing vocal performance. The track was also remixed by DFA’s The Juan MacLean, where his pads and atmospheric layers enhance the song and takes it into a new and interesting avenue.


Dirty Sole was formed in 2001 by Daniel Anderegg and Richie Heller, where they integrated the history of their hometown Chicago into their mixes. The name was created by Richie, who wanted to make house music that sounded, “dirty, but soulful.” They quickly gathered the attention of dance music pioneers Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon for their first release on their Classic Music UK label. The record went on with multiple chart placements and soon after the duo would go on to release multiple hits that consisted of house, funk and techno.


Dirty Sole’s sophomore release “FWD Motion” is due out in December, and will feature blends of synth pop, dance, electronic, and hip-hop with guest artists Lyrics Born, Foremost Poets, Jon Von Letscher and James Curd.

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