Substance Abuse – New Album Release

Los Angeles-formed Hip-Hop duo Substance Abuse consisting of emcees Subz and Eso Tre have gone back and remixed their sophomore album “Background Music” that re-imagines the critically acclaimed work. Check out the track “Don’t Get Us Wrong feat. Tash (Remix)” off the EP “Background Music: The Redux” here:

Eso said the album refers to the state of Hip-Hop today and how music is created for mainstream consumption as opposed to original, creative and underground work. He said, “music seems deracinated of the personality and edge that it once had,” and the message in Hip-Hop lacks the significant power and influence it once had as it now relegates to background club and dance music.

This album is a great entry into the discography of Substance Abuse, where listeners can get a taste of their deep lyricism and personality all while focusing on socially conscious material. The “Redux” album features Krs-One, Tash, Waez One, Motion Man with remixes by The Chase, Da Stig, Rad Neef, Good Times, and Change the World.

Image provided by Substance Abuse

To listen to the album, check it out on iTunes and Spotify. To stay up to date with Substance Abuse, follow them on Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, and Bandcamp.

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