Erich Mrak – Song Review

Toronto-based Hip-Hop and rap artist Erich Mrak has released his new track “With You” produced by Bento. Check out the song here:

A lot of times artists in the music industry look at what has worked in the past and try to replicate trends to chase popularity as opposed to achieving originality. For Hip-Hop artists, it’s usually a message between the harsh life growing up or the idealized life when making it big, and as the beats have changed throughout the years, the subject matter has become predictable. Mrak enters the Hip-Hop landscape offering an original take on a situation relatable to many.

The song begins with playful electronic notes as the beat slowly kicks in, giving off a mellow vibe and relaxing tone. The lyrics tackle the issue of wanting to relax without having to deal with the complexities of dealing with a relationship. As Mrak said, “The song is about the indecisiveness between two people, with regards to committing to a relationship, and if it is ideal for their current lives.” The message is genuine without trying to sound unnecessarily hard or focusing on cool delivery with empty meaning. The track is going for a soothing groove dealing with hardships, and the execution is spot on.

The chorus is calm in delivery and easy to remember, showcasing Mrak’s ability for catchy songwriting while maintaining a deeper message underneath. Walking on the fine line between sounding good and making sense is the balance true lyricists deal with and Mrak has no problems in talking about experiences he has most likely been through. He has drawn comparisons to artists such as Mac Miller, Macklemore, Asher Roth, J. Cole, but he has enough of an identity of his own to stand apart from them and to continue to rise and make a name for himself. Harnessing his own take on the Hip-Hop genre, Mrak will soon be getting much attention on the scene.

erich mrak
Photo provided by Erich Mrak

ETV will keep a close eye on the ongoing developments of this up-and-coming star and we look forward to seeing what’s next to come. To stay up to date with all things Erich Mrak, check him out on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and iTunes.

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