NINA – New EP Release

London-based Nina has released her latest EP “One of Us” on Aug. 11 and it’s a synthpop and synthwave love affair. Check out the title track here:

The opening synthesizers in “One of Us” evoke outer-space emotions with Nina’s voice adding narrative to the worldly experience. When the beat drops, the song sounds straight ripped from a classic 80s film but still fresh, new and invigorating at the same time. The new wave roots wrapped in modern sensibilities clearly show the German-native’s early influences of Depeche Mode.

The second track, “Counting Stars,” also begins quite ominous in a synth-laden landscape. The darker and slower-tempo track offers the chance to get lost in the music and allows the listener to feel the nighttime stars surrounding them. The production on both of these songs are top-notch, thanks to producer Oscillian and mixing work by Grammy-Award winner Liam Nolan.

The rest of the EP remixes the two songs wonderfully. SJBRAVO’s remix of “One of Us” is a groovy disco style song made to get people on the dancefloor. It’s an interesting take and is different enough to feel like a new song entirely. Johnny Royal’s remix has faster-sounding beats with an underlying synth melody that adds a futuristic feel. Angger Dimas’ remix is full of suspense with dub-steps influences that completely take the song in a new direction. It is easily and by the far the most experimental track on the album. Lastly, Douglas Holmquist’s remix of “Counting Stars” is a soothing version that perfectly closes the EP as it relaxes you to the end. Overall, the songs and remixes on this album are great for anyone looking to relive the sounds of synthpop and synthwave from a new talent.

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Pit Best – Band Interview

London group Pit Best has released a series of self-described cinematic-indie tracks that blend electronic textures with vintage amps. Pit Best spoke with ETV about where they met, how they approach their songs, and why they make music.

The band is made up of Limak (guitar, vocals, electric piano, sound effects), George (drums), and Rob (guitar, vocals, rattles, effect pedals). The trio met in Richmond (West London) outside Mick Jagger’s house in late 2013.

“Limak and George are brothers, so they know each other for a while,” Rob said. “It was pouring rain, just them two on terrace, busking for nobody. When I ask them why they were doing it in the rain when there is no one here to listen, they said, ‘Maybe, but the view is great.’ So, we started from there.”

All three members write the songs, usually during their jams, with songs about basic human emotions such as anger, fear, and hope. Rob said the songs are based on “real life experiences with the maximum faith that in the end it will all sound million miles from polished pop clichés.”

The band mostly plays in pubs and small clubs around London at venues with a max capacity of 200. Pit Best enjoys meeting other local band around town this way. One of the regular pubs they play at is Water Rats.

“It’s great to play when you realize Bob Dylan was playing there and Oasis did their first London gig on the same very stage. Personally, I love Camden town district venues,” Rob said. “That’s where is all happening, you can smell it.”

Rob stated that he has two approaches to making his songs.

“The first one, would be very instinctive sort of subconscious way of working on it,” Rob said. “That’s when you’ve got all the sounds just appears all the sudden, not planned. It usually happens when I’m thinking about situations and trying not to be clever about it. Don’t analyze it and just try to describe it by using tones more than anything else.”

In this case, Rob does not know what the song is about, but he does know how it makes him feel. One the song the band has is titled “Ocean” that Rob doesn’t know is about but he likes that it makes him like he is five years old again. The metaphysical abstractness of the song makes it the favorite track on the album. Check out the song here:

“The second approach would be more solid I guess,” Rob said. “Its like making a movie with a proper script, story, characters, circumstances, details and all that. Songs like ‘Stroke’ and ‘Seven Sisters Grave’ were written that way. Just things that happened to me or someone I know. Just good story with a twist.”

Rob said the music they make is created for connecting with people and staying pure. They also want to inspire others, if they can, and fulfill their musical potential. If you like the Pit Best sound, be sure to stay up to date with then and follow up on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and their official website.

Stella Angelika – New Video Release

Stella Angelika has released a new music video for “Tell Me a Story” which blends R&B and Gospel together in a classy, soulful way. Check out the elegant music video here:

The video was shot in black and white visuals that are stylish, chic and sophisticated for the Jazzy ballad that is both powerful and soothing. The track was previewed on ETV last year and it gets better with each listen. Be sure to add this song to your candlelit dinner playlist for that special someone.

album cover.png

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Stella Angelika – New Single Release

London-based singer-songwriter Stella Angelika released her single “Tell Me A Story” last month and the song is currently available for download on iTunes. The old school Soul and modern R&B fusion features Gospel harmonies that take the song to the next level.

“It is so important to me to make music that matters. I battled with depression for a very long time and it nearly killed me, so I want to release stuff that reaches people that are struggling, that helps even just a little bit and that pushes mental health awareness,” Angelika said. The song aims to promote asking for help during difficult times.

Artboard 1.pngTwo more releases from Angelika are in the works for release in 2016. So if you enjoy the track, be sure to follow Angelika on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and iTunes for more classical-inspired Soul.