R&B Pop Artist SolAce drops new track “Glowd Up”

SolAce is back again with a new banger “Glowd Up” featuring eclectic rapper Rekka. Check out the song below: https://open.spotify.com/track/3Ai25x2Zizlf8v652NKa7r?si=5b4c30c470c14e58&nd=1 SolAce has shown his more intimate side before with songs such as “Rearranging,” and now he’s letting us know there’s more to his musical repertoire to be enjoyed. “Glowd Up” starts off with a cool … Continue reading R&B Pop Artist SolAce drops new track “Glowd Up”

SolAce’s “Rearranging” is Both Passionate and Inspiring

Music artist SolAce has recently released his latest track “Rearranging” featuring a vocal duet with Rosemary La Posta. Check out the creative ballad below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upGeJDkg6lk The song begins with a piano intro that sets the tone for a melancholy story to take place. SolAce’s voice comes in strong and with passion, clearly expression the pain … Continue reading SolAce’s “Rearranging” is Both Passionate and Inspiring

Agency – Album Review

R&B and Soul artist Agency has recently released his album “Resist,” a political-infused album about the struggle for equality fighting the power. Check out the song “Backwards” from the album here: https://soundcloud.com/the_world_of_agency/backwards-1 “Resist” starts off with a powerful speech followed by sirens. The opening track “What’s Going On (Right Now?)” is a bouncy track but … Continue reading Agency – Album Review

Lola – Solo Artist Interview

St. Louis-native singer-songwriter Lola Toben has been releasing singles from her EP titled “Extended Play” once a month since May for everyone to enjoy. Today, Lola spoke with ETV about her earliest musical influences, the challenges with music she has had and what cities she would like to perform in the near future. Check out … Continue reading Lola – Solo Artist Interview

Avery LR – Mixtape Review

Avery LR is back at it again with a new single for his 2017 “Surviving” mixtape that features more than 20 underground and gangsta rap tracks. Listen to his latest single “They Don’t Like That” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5kpVzGDdpQ The “Surviving” mixtape could draw comparisons to works from Avery’s inspirations such as Jay-Z and his contemporaries. He … Continue reading Avery LR – Mixtape Review