R&B Pop Artist SolAce drops new track “Glowd Up”

SolAce is back again with a new banger “Glowd Up” featuring eclectic rapper Rekka. Check out the song below:

SolAce has shown his more intimate side before with songs such as “Rearranging,” and now he’s letting us know there’s more to his musical repertoire to be enjoyed. “Glowd Up” starts off with a cool arpeggiate synth line as the beat kicks in. You then immediately feel your shoulders poppin’ and your head bumping. The kicks, snares and hi-hats all sound crisp, and bundle that with the hard-hitting deep bass notes, we end up having rhythm section that will get everybody moving in no time.

The song’s lyrics are about getting ready to go to the club. Luckily for us, SolAce is able to bring the club to us. There are many clever rhyming schemes to be found here, a personal favorite being:

“Hopped out feeling fresh and clean / With a comb in my hands singing Billie Jean”


The line is even accompanied with the classic MJ “Hee hee!” This attention to detail is what makes re-listens more enjoyable. Although the song seems to be about getting ready to have a fun night out, on a deeper level, the song is more about having the positive energy to do what you want in life despite the haters. It’s about having a positive radiance that illuminates your path forward in life, a consistent message with SolAce’s songwriting across multiple songs.

The vocals have a silky-smooth rap rhythm to them, but SolAce has more singing chops than his contemporaries. His whispery verses contrast well with his powerful delivery during the “Glowd Up” chorus. The delivery of the title has an anthemic feel to it, and you know it’s gonna be a crowd pleaser at shows where everyone can sing along. Rekka then drops in and adds in her slick verse about not wasting time on trippin’, as her clear, tight voice just oozes flow. SolAce definitely knows who to collaborate with to elevate his songs to the next level.

Overall, “Glowd Up” is sure to be a house party staple, and we can’t wait to hear more from SolAce as he continues down his musical journey. What will be next for SolAce: a touching ballad or a breakdancing hurricane? Stay up to date with Enter the Venture to find out. Follow SolAce on social media at TikTokInstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube and his website.

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