Andrea Pizzo’s Latest Single is a True Space Adventure

Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice share their latest space rock single “Go Fishing in the Ocean of Enceladus.” Check out the exciting, daring song below:

The Purple Mice is a musical project consisting of Andrea Pizzo, Raffaella Turbino, Riccardo Morello, and Roberto Tiranti, and together they are making songs based around planets, space, and the universe. Their song “Go Fishing in the Ocean of Enceladus” begins as a mellow, laid-back rock track with a hypnotic, spacey intro embellished in cool sound effects. Andrea starts the song off by painting a picture of travelers looking for a great new voyage to the small moon of Saturn, using his distinctive voice that is full of wonder and enthusiasm. The song is modern yet psychedelic, mixing child-like charm from The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” with the take-off adventure found in David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” Although the song’s influences are distinguishable, this track is truly original, and the Purple Mice show they can stand out and have a sound that is all their own.

Raffaella’s vivid lyrics help bring visual life to the song. They are full of details and allow the listener to expand their own imagination. When the characters in the story begin to leave earth’s atmosphere toward Enceladus, the song picks up, from its upbeat tempo, drumming, and increased urgency to match with the ongoing adventure. Upon descending onto their new planet, the voyagers quickly encounter danger after they start digging when an electric octopus attacks them. The whimsical nature of the story along with the rocking instruments make for a truly wonderful listening experience.

We recommend this song to anyone who is already interested in space rock or who wants to get into the genre. It is a solid introduction into what the genre has to offer: stories about space travel, music that breaks conventional boundaries, and bringing together people who have ever wondered about what lies just beyond the stars.

Overall, “Go Fishing in the Ocean of Enceladus” is a tribute to science fiction done in a fun, lighthearted way. To stay up to date with Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice, check them out on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and their website.

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