Veronica Farren Launches Delightful Christmas Pop Song

Los Angeles-based actress, model, singer-songwriter Veronica Farren has released “I Wish You a Christmas Like This” on all streaming platforms. Gather round and deck the halls to this joyful song here:

The staple to any classic Christmas song is a feeling of jubilation wrapped in wholesomeness, with the message ultimately being of giving and receiving. Couple that with a merry voice and a festive vibe, and you’ve got yourself a new track to add to the wintertime playlist. Veronica recently showcased her singing and songwriting abilities on “I Wish You a Christmas like This,” a song that features a balance of pop-inspired singing with rhythmic piano and contemporary beats that are adorned with cozy bells. All the ingredients are here to make for a memorable listening experience.

The track opens with playful keys, warm horns, and a strong kick drum to set the stage. Veronica quickly joins in and establishes that she is a capable singer as she shows off her dynamic range that goes from low pitch deliveries to sustained high notes, all with a slight tinge of sassiness. Veronica’s peppermint vocals are a gift to your ears and could light up any tree! Her personality oozes and you can tell she really enjoys being behind a mic. As the producer of the instrumentals, Veronica has also paid close attention to how they all blend in the mix, as every element of the song is clear and punchy, outstandingly fulfilling its purpose.

“I Wish You a Christmas Like This” features lyrics by Veronica that are uplifting and cheerful, such as: “As family we gather round the tree / I can’t even imagine where I’d rather be” as she basks in the happiness of a snowy Christmas morning. The writing is just what you’d look for in a song like this and there’s no doubt it would be Santa approved! Ho ho ho!

Overall, we are blessed to have Veronica writing and singing and sharing more of her already robust talents. The song is short, sweet, and a recommended listen for anyone looking for a jolly time. To find out more about Veronica Farren, check out her website here.

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