Chad Rubin Scores a Slam Dunk with “Feels” Pop Album

Scottsdale, Arizona-native and award-winning singer-songwriter-producer Chad Rubin is set to release his upcoming pop album “Feels” on April 5 across all streaming platforms. Check out his latest video “Just Another” below:

Chad is no stranger to the art of music. As a talented composer with a robust discography, the question is not whether this record will be any good, rather, where will he be taking us this time? For this album, Chad has elected to create modern-day music for modern-day people. Each song showcases different emotions within different shades of light, from a dark song about a mistress (“Darkside”) to a light, power-pop track (“Amen!!”). The music found here will be sure to delight his fanbase as well as interest new audiences since each song is short and to the point, giving you exactly what you want to feel, when you want to feel it.

The “Feels” LP opens with the track “Body Language,” which features a catchy and soaring chorus, entertaining vocal techniques, and most impressively, rapid-fire word ammunition. You get a full sense of Chad’s ability as a singer as he hits the high notes but can also groove along with swagger. From the onset, it’s clear the production value is top-notch with all the professional bells and whistles.

“You’ll Find You” features an uplifting dance beat that will get you off your seat as you feel the electricity within you. Listening to this song will take you to a tropical setting during sunset as you feel the cool winds against your swaying body. A lot of Chad’s songs have the ability to transport you to incredible landscapes by the use of his skills in creating satisfying soundscapes.

One of the standout songs on this album is the title track “Feels.” The opening horns and seductive vibe have a very classy, jazzy, noir feel to it with a narrative that delves into the darker realm. The chorus is full of lush sounds, raspy vocals and invokes starry images in the sky. The instruments have a chance to shine here with a lively organ solo and emotive guitar solo. Chad has nailed the art of pop song structures found in mainstream music. One example is “Out of Sight,” Chad’s fun party song that sounds inspired by Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic.” Every one of the songs found on “Feels” could be the lead single as they are all catchy and easy to sing along to.

Lyrically, Chad has created relatable yet distinct stories that present vivid depictions and themes. In “Lost in the Jungle,” Chad sings: “It wasn’t you / It was the Snakes / Yeah the Hippo Had a Place / The Panther Fucked Around / The Birds Left Town / Left You Hanging there.” These words show off Chad’s willingness to venture outside the box and to just have fun with words and storytelling. Although he is a very talented singer and songwriter, it’s his personality that really elevates these songs to become unique works of art.

Overall, the album went by quickly and was a joy to listen to. Chad Rubin’s “Feels” is a standout record that achieves all it strives to be. It’s hard to find many flaws here – perhaps more focus on his guitar playing next time? Only time will tell, and we’re already eager to hear what comes next from him in the coming years. For now, “Feels” will be a regular on our feel-good playlists and we highly recommended it! Pre-orders are available now.

To stay up to date with all things Chad Rubin, check out his website at:

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