Chad Rubin Scores a Slam Dunk with “Feels” Pop Album

Scottsdale, Arizona-native and award-winning singer-songwriter-producer Chad Rubin is set to release his upcoming pop album “Feels” on April 5 across all streaming platforms. Check out his latest video “Just Another” below: Chad is no stranger to the art of music. As a talented composer with a robust discography, the question is not whether this … Continue reading Chad Rubin Scores a Slam Dunk with “Feels” Pop Album

Julian Camarena – Solo Artist Interview

Arizona-native pop sensation Julian Camarena has been making waves with a host of sultry singles, with his latest being “Beautiful Distraction.” Julian spoke with ETV about his initial beginnings in music and his future plans for the rest of 2017. “Beautiful Distraction” starts off in English then features some verses in Spanish, showing off … Continue reading Julian Camarena – Solo Artist Interview