Julian Camarena – Solo Artist Interview

Arizona-native pop sensation Julian Camarena has been making waves with a host of sultry singles, with his latest being “Beautiful Distraction.” Julian spoke with ETV about his initial beginnings in music and his future plans for the rest of 2017.

“Beautiful Distraction” starts off in English then features some verses in Spanish, showing off Julian’s versatility to song in both languages. The song is wrapped up in an unmistakable pop sound that Julian has mastered. His fans sure seem to appreciate every track that he puts out and it’s no surprise why.

“The song is about having a beautiful distraction in life when times are difficult or simply just when you need one,” Julian said.

The track best represents Julian’s ability to incorporate his own style with the likes of his greatest musical inspirations, which include Billy Joel, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Enrique Iglesias and Bruno Mars. Most of Julian’s songs are about love, heartbreak, having fun and living life, and his music videos show how he likes to do it all.

Julian started making music at an early age and excelled at school at a prodigy rate, finishing high school early and getting his degree earlier than most.

“I was originally born in California; however, I grew up most my life in Arizona, which is where I currently live,” Julian said. “I’ve been playing music since I was eight years old. I started playing the saxophone in my school’s Jazz Band. Later I picked up other instruments and started writing and producing songs.”

Although he just entered the musical scene, in just a few short years Julian has already amassed a large social media following with close to two and a half million followers on Twitter alone. If his songs continue to be catchy, heartwarming, and fresh as they have always been, then there’s no doubt his online presence will grow even further.

Julian has already established himself as a legitimate pop star in the making but is looking forward to climbing the ladder even higher. His plans for the rest of 2017 include making a lot more music.

“I’ve got a lot of new songs I am finishing up,” Julian said. “The ‘Beautiful Distraction’ music video will be released this year. Hopefully have some touring in the near future as well. Also one thing I did this year was make my phone number public so that all my fans can text me whenever they want, as a way to create a more personal relationship with my fan base.”

To add yourself to Julian’s phonebook, text him at 14808436360.

To stay up to date with all things Julain Camarena, be sure to follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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