Artist Spotlight: Alex Genadinik (Part 2)

Enter the Venture continues to highlight Alex Genadinik as we delve deeper into the meaning behind his songs through lyrics, metaphors and more. Part 1 of the artist spotlight can be found here. To fully grasp an understanding of Genadinik’s lyrics and the inspiration behind them, there is a poetry book he wrote that can … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Alex Genadinik (Part 2)

Artist Spotlight: Alex Genadinik (Part 1)

For the month of December, Enter the Venture will be highlighting a prolific artist who has appeared on the site numerous times: Alex Genadinik. He is known for composing songs with lush-sounding instruments and more importantly, lyrics based on poetry with uplifting messages. Genadinik has many songs about not giving up, such as “Love Letters … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Alex Genadinik (Part 1)

WYO’s “Untamed” Album is About Love, Loss, and Exploration

Indie-rock phenomena WYO released an awe-inspiring music video for the song “Down by the River” off his album “Untamed” coming out on Oct. 20. Check out the video here: WYO is a rock band originating from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The video was shot in the band's hometown and features the epic mountainsides and landscapes that … Continue reading WYO’s “Untamed” Album is About Love, Loss, and Exploration

Danny Baxley – Solo Artist Interview

Danny Baxley has released his latest EP “Love Sex Alcohol” on July 24. Today, Danny spoke with ETV about how music served as a means for escape, the themes of the EP, and advice for other musicians going through tough emotional times. Check out the title track here: Growing up in Dallas, Danny always … Continue reading Danny Baxley – Solo Artist Interview

Lola – Solo Artist Interview

St. Louis-native singer-songwriter Lola Toben has been releasing singles from her EP titled “Extended Play” once a month since May for everyone to enjoy. Today, Lola spoke with ETV about her earliest musical influences, the challenges with music she has had and what cities she would like to perform in the near future. Check out … Continue reading Lola – Solo Artist Interview