Artist Spotlight: Alex Genadinik (Part 2)

Enter the Venture continues to highlight Alex Genadinik as we delve deeper into the meaning behind his songs through lyrics, metaphors and more. Part 1 of the artist spotlight can be found here. To fully grasp an understanding of Genadinik’s lyrics and the inspiration behind them, there is a poetry book he wrote that can … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Alex Genadinik (Part 2)

Artist Spotlight: Alex Genadinik (Part 1)

For the month of December, Enter the Venture will be highlighting a prolific artist who has appeared on the site numerous times: Alex Genadinik. He is known for composing songs with lush-sounding instruments and more importantly, lyrics based on poetry with uplifting messages. Genadinik has many songs about not giving up, such as “Love Letters … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Alex Genadinik (Part 1)

Alex Genadinik’s “Guardians of Souls” Lifts the Spirits

Singer-songwriter Alex Genadinik is back with a new moving song that tugs on the heartstrings and pleasantly delights the ears. Check out “Guardians of Souls” below: This unique song is about the effect that an artist has on a person’s life and how art itself can give meaning and purpose to those who feel … Continue reading Alex Genadinik’s “Guardians of Souls” Lifts the Spirits

Cavegreen – New Album Release

Cavegreen has recently released its new album “Vita Lucida” on Feb. 3, 2017. Check out the electro-pop video single “Witches Dream” here: The song focuses on the themes of dreaming and the night and originally was a slow song until Cavegreen decided it should be something you can dance to late at night. The … Continue reading Cavegreen – New Album Release