Alex Genadinik’s “Guardians of Souls” Lifts the Spirits

Singer-songwriter Alex Genadinik is back with a new moving song that tugs on the heartstrings and pleasantly delights the ears. Check out “Guardians of Souls” below:

This unique song is about the effect that an artist has on a person’s life and how art itself can give meaning and purpose to those who feel lost. This original tale freshly utilizes Shakespeare’s lyrics in new ways. For example, the chorus talks about how a musician or poet’s art can “fill the sky with magic butterflies” or how sometimes “it cries,” showing how art can be either happy or sad but ultimately there is always beauty to be found in it.

There is a story to be found in the lyrics where magic has become sparse in the world and how a poet hears the call to save the day. The poet arrives to fight off a dragon valiantly to rescue art as the guardian of souls, hence the name of the song. There are other instances in this song where the lyrics make you ponder and think about the importance of creative works of art.

The instrumentals are also pretty with soft and melodic acoustic pickings to start things off. Strings slowly join the buildup leading into a fascinating chorus that is powerful and catchy. The vocal harmonies are clear and on point and as we reach the second verse, the guitars have a nice rhythm while still being delicate. The bridge is the climactic part of the song as lyrically we deal with the big dragon fight. The storytelling is visually appealing and conjures up vivid imagery in the mind of the listener in the same way an accomplished poet would. Overall, the blend of story, sound, and images combine to produce a beautiful piece of artwork that rivals the quality of the one its based on.

This is another classic piece by Alex and we look forward to more moving songs he releases. To find more of Alex and his music, check out his website at or on Instagram, and Spotify. Alex also is an online entrepreneur, selling online courses.

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