Alex Genadinik’s “Guardians of Souls” Lifts the Spirits

Singer-songwriter Alex Genadinik is back with a new moving song that tugs on the heartstrings and pleasantly delights the ears. Check out “Guardians of Souls” below: This unique song is about the effect that an artist has on a person’s life and how art itself can give meaning and purpose to those who feel … Continue reading Alex Genadinik’s “Guardians of Souls” Lifts the Spirits

Aubergine MACHINE – New Single Release

Aubergine MACHINE, consisting of multi-platinum selling producer Ian Carey and newcomer vocalist Shanti Ellis, has released the new track “U People” off their “Wildlife EP.” Check out the mystical song here: “U People” begins with beautiful haunting vocals that sets the mood fitting of an ethereal wildlife setting. The slow-paced electronic beats by Ian add a free-flowing … Continue reading Aubergine MACHINE – New Single Release