Destroy Boys Embark on Sad Summer Festival Tour

Off the heels of the band’s latest single “Drink” in June, Sacramento-native punk band Destroy Boys are setting of the Sad Summer Festival tour Aug. 6 beginning in their hometown. Check out the single “Drink” below, considered to be an exploration of addiction and comfort.

Destroy Boys are a three-piece band founded by Violet Mayugba (guitar/vocals) and Alexia Roditis (vocals/guitar). Rounded out by drummer Narsai Malik they have been redefining West Coast punk, making waves from the California shoreline to the UK. In addition to having racked up over 60 million streams, their music can be heard in “Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2” game, and Tik Tok has embraced them to the tune of 20 thousand user-made videos and over 3.5 million views. 

Destroy Boys will be heading down to Anaheim on Aug. 7 at City National Grove Tour. Violet spoke to Enter the Venture about the upcoming show:

ETV: What did you miss most from not being able to perform or watch live shows for more than a year?

Violet: I definitely miss the energy from the crowd the most. Being able to look out and see the crowd’s faces with everyone dancing is so special.

ETV: What do you look forward to most about the Sad Summer Festival?

Violet: Meeting new people and playing with bands we’ve never played with before!

ETV: What do you enjoy most about performing Southern California shows?

Violet: SoCal has a special energy since there are so many different areas. No matter where you’re playing, you always get a great crowd!

The band have been outspoken advocates for a myriad of social justice issues, especially when it comes to racial equality, LGBTQA+ rights and inclusion for all, which is prevalent in their music, their actions, and how they use their platform.  Simply being two-thirds female and fronted by a queer woman is uncommon in a scene traditionally dominated by straight men.

Stay connected to Destroy Boys on their website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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