Artist Spotlight: Alex Genadinik (Part 1)

For the month of December, Enter the Venture will be highlighting a prolific artist who has appeared on the site numerous times: Alex Genadinik. He is known for composing songs with lush-sounding instruments and more importantly, lyrics based on poetry with uplifting messages.

Genadinik has many songs about not giving up, such as “Love Letters in the Cloud,” an interpretation of a romantic Russian song about an enchanting woman, with elements of love and hope. The song is about moving on and not wasting time. The way he connects with his audience is by writing relatable songs, such as “The One Who Didn’t,” a song inspired by Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. The common human experience in this song is how we all have the fear of falling short from achieving our goals and the lyrics capture this sentiment clearly.

No matter the song, Genadinik always focuses on creating optimistic songs, such as “Blue Trolley.” The theme here is how strangers are able to bond with each other on a night train ride home, even if they don’t talk to each other. The beautiful lyrics here and in all of his music always revolve around things we experience in life, big or small. Genadinik is very skilled at making music with poetry based inspiration, such as “Guardians with Souls,” a song about how poets and music can rescue us when we feel we have lost direction in life.

Genadinik will continue making inspirational songs and we look forward to hearing more from him in the coming year. In addition to his music, Alex also provides PLR courses.

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