“Pareidolia” is a Road Trip to an Unknown Future

Nocturnal Omissions’ latest album “Pareidolia” is a mix of ambition with a lo-fi approach, and it's coming out on June 6. Check out the song “Local Customs” from the album here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wS_8QjvxlQ The path of any musical artist is usually unknown until they take the first steps down a certain road. Some will wander down … Continue reading “Pareidolia” is a Road Trip to an Unknown Future

New Wave Rock Band The Fontaines Show Off Their Inner “Freak”

A tale of a bad experience in bed highlights the narrative of the new single "Freak" by Los Angeles rock band The Fontaines. The song is filled with sultry vocals, groovy rhythms and a down-tempo beat all layered nicely with top notch production values. Check out the song here: https://soundcloud.com/user-555690871/freak The Fontaines started with Charlotte … Continue reading New Wave Rock Band The Fontaines Show Off Their Inner “Freak”

When We Met’s Latest Music Video for “Ride the Tide”

Portland native duo When We Met released their psychedelic new music video for their latest single “Ride the Tide” off the recently released album “Where Did They Come From.” Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2b7SS9IJzo The video was created by cartoonist Magnificent Kaaboom, who brought to life the song’s ocean-themed lyrics with visuals that showcase … Continue reading When We Met’s Latest Music Video for “Ride the Tide”

NINA – New EP Release

London-based Nina has released her latest EP “One of Us” on Aug. 11 and it’s a synthpop and synthwave love affair. Check out the title track here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm2nIKXiP0o The opening synthesizers in “One of Us” evoke outer-space emotions with Nina’s voice adding narrative to the worldly experience. When the beat drops, the song sounds straight … Continue reading NINA – New EP Release

Savant – New Album Release

Savant has released his four-CD anthology collection “Outcasts” that celebrates his diverse discography from the past five years. Stream the full album here: The anthology features new and unreleased material, VIP mixes, demos and more to celebrate Savant's 5th anniversary. Savant is the alter-ego of Norway born, Los Angeles-based producer, composer Aleksander Vinter who has released … Continue reading Savant – New Album Release