“Pareidolia” is a Road Trip to an Unknown Future

Nocturnal Omissions’ latest album “Pareidolia” is a mix of ambition with a lo-fi approach, and it's coming out on June 6. Check out the song “Local Customs” from the album here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wS_8QjvxlQ The path of any musical artist is usually unknown until they take the first steps down a certain road. Some will wander down … Continue reading “Pareidolia” is a Road Trip to an Unknown Future

“Organized Chaos” is a Sampler’s Dream Come True

The intriguing beginnings of Nocturnal Omissions are being brought into the spotlight with the release of “Organized Chaos (20/25 Anniversary Edition: 1997-2002),” a collection of two early EPs that show off how this wide-ranging artist first discovered his sound. Check out disc 1 below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzqroijQ-9s “Organized Chaos” combines the 1997 EP “ShatteredTearz” and the 2002 … Continue reading “Organized Chaos” is a Sampler’s Dream Come True

“Aggravated Damage” is an Experimental Experience

After having recently re-released his entire discography with the remastered treatment, one last gem from Nocturnal Omissions’ past remains to be explored by Enter the Venture. “Aggravated Damage” is a collection of tracks originally released in 2008 from side projects or cut from Myspace releases that will be set for free release this month. Check … Continue reading “Aggravated Damage” is an Experimental Experience

“Tempus Destinatum” Brings the Best Out of Nocturnal Omissions

Nocturnal Omissions’ latest album was recorded in isolation during the pandemic with songs fueled by depression. It’s his most endearing and truest display of expression and closest to realizing his artistic vision yet. With talented compositions and production, this is truly the high point of his musical career. Check out “Tempus Destinatum” below: https://open.spotify.com/album/1SQjGq3bo8ea8JtznFM8xa “Unfamiliar … Continue reading “Tempus Destinatum” Brings the Best Out of Nocturnal Omissions

“Transientalism” Consistently Delivers the Post-Rock Splendor

Nocturnal Omissions has shown the world his ability to create engaging, moving instrumental tracks in several albums leading up “Transientalism.” See how it fits into his overall discography by checking out the album below: https://open.spotify.com/album/48qNLQwjBy3iyXNnJrLBtr Originally recorded in 2018, mixed in 2019, and remastered for rerelease in 2020, “Transientalism” is an amalgamation of recordings and … Continue reading “Transientalism” Consistently Delivers the Post-Rock Splendor