“Pareidolia” is a Road Trip to an Unknown Future

Nocturnal Omissions’ latest album “Pareidolia” is a mix of ambition with a lo-fi approach, and it’s coming out on June 6. Check out the song “Local Customs” from the album here:

The path of any musical artist is usually unknown until they take the first steps down a certain road. Some will wander down a beaten road, one in which they’ve gone down so many times before. It could be due to its familiarity and nostalgia, allowing for fans to get more of what they like. The comfort can become addicting, however, and sometimes it may be better to go down a road that is new and challenging. Nocturnal Omissions has always been about finding his own sound regardless of which path he has taken, and “Pareidolia” is no different. The sound is familiar, as every block of tracks takes us through the past three albums, but the destination is entirely new-found.

The album features themes many of us have endured on a global scale in the past few years, such as lockdowns and being socially distanced from others. Though that’s only one facet behind the making of this album. When you begin to peel away the layers , you’ll begin to find other real-world conditions in which the album was made, such as the lows of depression to the highs of international travel. From a musical career standpoint, “Pareidolia” is meant to close out the decade and era, tidying up all loose ends to hopefully start something fresh moving forward. Listen to the album below:

The album starts straight into the main beat. “Into Lockdown (Again)” is an optimistic beginning to what is supposed to be the end of an era. The post-rock drums are the main drive behind the song and while they do propel the song forward, it still has a chill vibe. The synths are tasteful and add a dreamy quality to the track and it overall sounds like the soundtrack to the start of a long-distance road trip. “Socially Distant” elicits the feeling and imagery of rolling down your car window and feeling the breeze in your hair. Mellow, translucent, melodic, and acoustic. This is perhaps what we all felt when we were in isolation staring out the window, waiting for our own life to continue again.

“Avolition” is the first dark tunnel we drive through on this metaphorical road trip. Mysterious and spooky synth textures based only on minor and diminished chords keep you on your toes, yet the upbeat drums and bass rhythm keep those toes tapping. “Stream and Chill” is what it feels like to be lounging on the couch looking for something to watch. Along with “Altitude Adjustment,” these three tracks seem to be inspired by Nocturnal Omission’s previous 2019 album “Ascendant Sea.”

“No Longer Restricted” is the ethereal bright light at the end of the tunnel of isolation and a slight change in sound. The instrumentals give a moving, sweeping performance meant to make you hope for a brighter tomorrow. “Reservation Settled” is more chill and utilizes electro drums and fits the narrative theme of traveling. It feels like we’ve arrived and are about to embark on a take over the city. “Preboarding Sprint” comes straight out of a Sci-Fi movie. The synthesizer layers are done quite well here and of course, the beat is superb. “Full Thrust” has an exciting party tone to it and even though it’s on the shorter end, it does successfully conclude the look back to the sound and feel of the 2020 “Transientalism” album.

The last five songs on the album are closer in sound to the 2021 album “Tempus Destinatum.” Menacing yet peaceful are words to describe “Endless Clouds.” The melodies create tension but are followed by a floaty soundscape as if one were in the clouds. “Local Customs” begins an introspective tale and quickly transforms into an auditory sensation. The resulting juxtaposition keeps the song fresh. All the different synths combine to form an imposing wall of sound. “Party of One” is the dark and starry night sky to a digital landscape. The lower-end bass is the hook that all the other instruments hang onto. It’s bleaker than the other tracks but doesn’t go to the side of sorrow, always keeping the beat fast and popping hard. “Only My Piers” starts with blazing synths and strong trap-style rolls in the drumming. It sounds like a song to be played at a concert to get the crowd pumped up.

“Water Taxi” is a fast-tempo rocker with playful hints of curiosity. It ends the traveling journey aspect of the album on a bright note after venturing into the darkness. “Tortugas Y Iguanas” is the victory lap, once Nocturnal Omissions has shown the creativity he still has in him. Overall, it was a satisfying conclusion to an album that would be perfect for your own road trip as you reminiscent of your own past work. We recommended a full listen to this album when it drops June 6!

In the end, the journey through past sounds will ultimately lead to a new future. The closing of an era can only be the beginning of the next and we hope to be there when it arrives. To stay up to date with all things Nocturnal Omissions, check out his Bandcamp, YouTube, Spotify and official website.

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