Zora Collabs with BTru on “It’s Workin’”

Slick beats, heavy bass, and melodic vocals combine to form a moody, yet inspiring track about making things work out. Together, Zora and BTru have created a staple in this summer’s Hip-Hop playlist. Check out the song below:

Zora is a Hungarian-American, electro-acoustic vocalist, songwriter, producer, and keyboardist, known for her haunting delivery and thought-provoking lyrics. Her style of singing in “It’s Working’” is contemporary with today’s trip-hop music, while also being smooth and eliciting sensual textures with every word she speaks out. There is a nice rhythm that unites her voice with the trap beat, uplifting guitar licks, and boom-shaking bass that envelope the song.

The track features BTru, a Korean-American rapper, singer, songwriter, and sound engineer. His voice conterplays with Zora’s in a balanced way, and each singer tells their own side of the story. BTrue’s breakdown line: “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want, I can anything for you, girl / You’re my everything… don’t worry I’ll give you my world” is what makes this song stand out. It ties the string of the story together and leaves the listener with a sense of resolution. The song is about changing for the better, and in a way, the experience makes us better for having listened to it.

Overall, for anyone looking for a short yet sweet Hip-Hop track that sets the mood, get ready to recline back and vibe to, Zora’s “It’s Workin'” on repeat.

For more Zora, follow her on Facebook and Twitter and check out her website.

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