Sunnie Quing’s “Dream Land” Will Take You Through the Stars

Chinese-native musical artist Sunnie Quing is going to keep your feet moving to the dancing beat with her song “Dream Land.” Check out the sweat-inducing track below:

“Dream Land” is a collaboration by Sunnie Quing and DJ Banger, who have come together to create a song that goes well with flickering strobe lights and fog machines. The track opens with an addicting dance beat that creates a rhythm in cohesion with pulsing basslines and ethereal synths. With all these elements merging together, your body is given the green light to let loose. You’ll find yourself swaying and bobbing your head to the tempo while your mind escapes to space, as the lyrics merge the consciousness with inter-dimensional travel. The arpeggio synths in the latter half of the song add to the illusion of losing your mind to the dance lords. 

Sunnie’s voice is soothing yet haunting, taking the song to the next level and adding an extra layer to digest. The elegant vocals are in the back of the mix, letting the beat be the main focal point of the track. But they are still present and go perfect with this type of EDM, as DJ Bander keeps the flow going strong and the rave going on. The song will no doubt be featured throughout clubs across many cities, and with a banger like this, we look forward to future collaborations between the two. “Dream Land” is ultimately for anyone looking to keep the party going on through the night.

For more Sunnie Quing, check out her Spotify and Instagram.

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