“Rodior” is a Top Down Banger

Sunnie Quing’s track “Rodior” produced by Jun5 flows as smooth as water with thumping bass and trap beats trappin’. Check out the track below:

Sunnie has been making a name for herself as a versatile singer who can apply her talents to a variety of genres, including her atmospheric vocals on “Dreamland” and now with her Hip-Hop-inspired word assault on “Rodior.” The intro of the song has a guitar line with an earnest melody, as synths and rhythmic soothing vocals by Jun5 kick in. The opening line, “I know what I want / Won’t rest ‘till I get it” sets the tone as a song about boundaries and challenges, and how we can overcome them. The beat drops on Sunnie’s verse and her delivery is silky smooth with a bit of attitude, giving the track some flavor and tang. The next lyric tackles issues about being yourself to your fullest potential, even if that means leaving your friends behind to find the success you want to have. The message is empowering but it remains so while staying contemporary and not too preachy.

The overall vibe of “Rodior” is hip and modern, and suitable for the nightclub, while also being a song you can blast while driving with the top down. Sunnie has presented herself as a capable artist with unlimited room for potential, and she does well when accompanied by a seasoned producer. We at ETV are excited to see what style her next song will be in!

To stay up to date with all things Sunnie Quing, check her out on Spotify and Instagram.

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