Official Zeze Slays with “Stuck in Despair EP”

Official Zeze along with Kam Nasty have recently released their latest effort “Stuck in Despair,” a five song EP that explores the inner workings of partnership and mental demons. Check out the EP below. The EP opens with “Break You Down,” which starts off with a poignant, pretty piano melody just as the heavy, … Continue reading Official Zeze Slays with “Stuck in Despair EP”

“Rodior” is a Top Down Banger

Sunnie Quing’s track “Rodior” produced by Jun5 flows as smooth as water with thumping bass and trap beats trappin’. Check out the track below: Sunnie has been making a name for herself as a versatile singer who can apply her talents to a variety of genres, including her atmospheric vocals on “Dreamland” and now … Continue reading “Rodior” is a Top Down Banger

Zora Collabs with BTru on “It’s Workin’”

Slick beats, heavy bass, and melodic vocals combine to form a moody, yet inspiring track about making things work out. Together, Zora and BTru have created a staple in this summer’s Hip-Hop playlist. Check out the song below: Zora is a Hungarian-American, electro-acoustic vocalist, songwriter, producer, and keyboardist, known for her haunting delivery and … Continue reading Zora Collabs with BTru on “It’s Workin’”