Official Zeze Slays with “Stuck in Despair EP”

Official Zeze along with Kam Nasty have recently released their latest effort “Stuck in Despair,” a five song EP that explores the inner workings of partnership and mental demons. Check out the EP below.

The EP opens with “Break You Down,” which starts off with a poignant, pretty piano melody just as the heavy, bass-driven beats join in to get the flow going. The lyrics are about living the high life while also showing a bit of sentimentality, such as the line: “Sippin’ Henny and Patron I’mma beat it up / I’m sorry girl I let these bitches get between us.” The song is about moving on and dealing with the left over emotions when someone’s gone. The vocal overlays and calming synth lines unite all the aspects of this song to make for a strong opener to this EP.

“On the Low” continues the same vibe as the opener, but with a slower beat and catchy snapping to make the groove even more hooky. Official Zeze’s rapping ability shines here as he bends words to fulfill his storytelling abilities. The song transitions effortlessly into “Upset,” a relationship song with the following great line: “I’ve been thinking about all of the memories / We had some times, I no longer got no sympathy / Flashback and forever you’ll remember me.” The beat will get your head nodding along and your feet tapping like the two before. At this point of the EP, Official Zeze solidifies himself as a more than capable artist who has the ability to write and execute his delivery in an authentic way that is relatable to his audience.

Next up is “Living a Dream” which has the most catchiest verse of the EP, starting with the “You remind of a girl I once knew” line. The bassline is groovy and although the song is the shortest of the EP, the inclusion of this track has a different feel to it and offers a variety to the track sequence. The song will have you with all smiles, as the subject matter and vibe are positive and contagious. “Despair” is the final track, and it’s about a man needing a spare for his heart, as demons in his head start acting up. The title track sums up the EP as an essential listen for anyone looking for poetic lyricism about pain in relationships and loneliness, as well as sonically moving songs featuring slick beats with lots of hi-hats and deep, moving basslines. 

Overall, the “Stuck in Despair” is a worthy listen for anyone who likes Hip-Hop or rap. The vocal production is pristine, the beats are top notch and the verses will have you coming back for repeat listens. The EP receives high marks from us, and we are eager for Official Zeze’s next release.

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