Meersein Will Astound His Fans “Speechless”

Meersein has recently released his latest single “Speechless,” which recalls the glory days of 80s synthwave including influences from the likes of New Order, The Cure, and U2. Independent artists sometimes ride trendy retro musical genres to tap into nostalgia, but in this case, the resulting song sounds contemporary and refreshing. You’re in for a treat with this lively party starter. Check out the song below:

The song begins by slowly building up suspense as a mystifying voice welcomes you inside. The opening drop features an 80s throwback dance beat that makes you want to turn up the volume and start moving your feet. Meersein’s vocal shines here, as his range from hopeful highs to seductive lows is impressive, and his whisper is hauntingly beautiful. His soft and dreamy voice seems to be inspired by Depeche Mode and he delivers it so effortlessly. 

“Speechless” is also a very dynamic song, where the chorus is bouncy and catchy while the breakdown is filled with emotions that convey feelings of loss and hope. The rhythmic synthesizers are mixed with ethereal guitars, creating an atmospheric environment that your body will get lost in. There are a lot of textures in the production and you hear something new and interesting every time you listen to the song. There is something for everyone in this song to enjoy.

Overall, we appreciate an artist that takes something inspired by the past yet makes it all their own. The execution was done well and this is sure to be a song that will be added to many party playlists. We are excited to showcase this song from Meersein and we look forward to his following musical endeavors! To stay up date with all things Meersein, follow him on Instagram at:

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