“Without Me” Hits All the Right Emotions

Moving, endearing, thoughtful, and heartbreak are all words that come to mind for the track “Without Me” by Cara Chen featuring Sunnie Quing. Check out the song below:

The song begins with mystical vocals and a synth-line that builds anticipation, allowing the listener to get into the mood of the song. When the beat drops, lyrical musings about not getting over a previous partner shine through. It is clear early on that the message behind the song is going to be more sentimental than those in most typical dance songs. “I can’t get you out / Yeah it tears me down” is a line that embodies the overall ambiance of the track, with very personal lines throughout that are filled with emotional potency.

Despite the somber nature of the lyrics, the song still has the electronic elements and dubstep trappings to make for a celebratory club song. The beats and synths come together and would not sound out of place in a beachside pool party playlist. The song just makes you want to dance while also making you think about how you feel when longing for someone who has left your side. In addition, “Without Me” showcases great vocal mixing, as the vocal layering and delay leaves add to the haunting nature of the story.

Overall, the merging of crestfallen lyrics, uplifting beats, and professional production make for an a pleasurable listen. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Cara Chen and Sunnie Quing.

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