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Manchado – New Video Release

New York-based alternative hip-hop artist Manchado has released his latest video “Wild Child,” the finale of a three-part video series. Check out the song below:

Manchado is a DIY producer/dancer/singer who moved to New York from Bogota, Columbia, at age 18 by himself to pursue his passion in music. The alternative Hip Hop artist has finished his three-part video series, which includes “Part 1 Break” and “Part 2 Out of Control.” All the videos in the series feature Manchado surrounded my masked dancers who join in on the choreography to make for interesting videos and danceable tracks. He uses the people and the characters in his videos as metaphors to illustrate a bigger point about the human condition. Notable for writing and producing his own songs, Manchado is looking to take his underground status to the next level.

After starting his music writing career at the age of 7, Manchado took it upon himself to learn the craft of writing songs, performing, and learning to correctly work a crowd. For a crossover genre comprising of EDM alternative with a Hip Hop vibe, Manchado likes to put an interesting twist into his music, which truly comes to light in the finale of “Wild Child.”

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Image via Manchado

zenxienz – Album Review

Hong Kong-born musician, producer, and songwriter, Cameron Williamson, aka zenxienz, has released his second full-length album for 2017 titled “Brainforest” on August 4. Listen to the album on Bandcamp here:


The opening track “Insignia” is a full burst instrumental rife with colorful sounds that mix both electronic and tribal-sounding drums, enchanting piano and an immense amount of creativity that sets the table as to what’s to come. The Middle Eastern vibe is traditional with a strong dosage of modern influences. “Undercurrents” continues the electronic sound but with a more intense EDM and dance vibe that pulsates at every turn. It’s the perfect song for those hot nights at a glow in the dark festival where you just want to lose your mind, body, and soul in the music. The album is the audio translation of a painting full of vivid colors and strange shapes all colliding into each other to produce a unique visual image. The beats throughout the album are fast yet the melodic keyboards that accompany them are slow, majestic and space-like to the point where being surprised becomes the expectation.

brainforest 2.jpg

Image via zenxienz

“Pico” has vocal sound samples mix with heavy bass and disjointed drums all put into a synthesizer blender that melts away all conventions about what music is supposed to sound like. The drum style changes pace, style and tempo all in a matter of seconds making it a stand-out track that is destined to be blasted against a backdrop of strobe lights and beer cups held in the air. The sound of the album is heavily electronic, constantly changing through different methods of expression in both planning and execution. Soaring synthesizers add layers of discover that make for repeated listens, as this is not an album that could be fully understood in just one spin. The amount of rave and hardcore dance injected in each track will be enough to last for a very long time.

Some tracks like “Coiled” are a bit darker in tone with vocal tracks making small appearances to keep you on your toes of what to expect. Though most of the songs border on being dubstep, they do not stray into the territory of being loud and abrasive for the sake of it. The psychedelic drums and bass have deeper intentions with many breakdowns that give you a breather from dancing and trancing about. The breaks allow for recuperation, reflection on introspection, and allows you to take in the moment with someone new as you’ll most likely be listening to this new age, off-the-rails record at a blistering venue. The sounds, although chaotic, are therapeutic even for those swaying alone to the rhythmic madness alone in a room.

brainforest 1.jpg

Image via zenxienz

There’s no doubt that the sounds from zenxienz will continue to impress for many years to come. For now, let’s all enjoy what this masterful electronic musician has created: an inspiring connection with others through sounds, mental images and creativity. To stay up to date with all things zenxienz, be sure to follow him on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, and his official site.

Sikora – Band Interview

Electronic dance band Sikora has released its new future bass track “White Ice” this month, incorporating their trademark vocal harmonies over rhythmic beats and pulsing synth. Today, ETV spoke with members Matthew Sikora and Liz Forde about how they met, the meaning behind one of their songs, and their most favorite show they performed.

Self-described as a combination of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Skrillex, Sikora is a hybrid of guitars, synthesizers, and both acoustic and electronic drums that will satisfy a wide variety of listeners, from those wanting to rock out to those looking to dance the night away. After releasing a series of singles and EPs, Sikora has made a name for itself as a premiere electro-dance group that can expertly craft catchy choruses and harmonic hooks.

“We first met on Cinco de Mayo a couple years ago at a show in L.A.,” recalls Matthew. “After connecting, we ended up working together on a music licensing job for a publishing company at the time. We noticed that our singing voices really blended well and complemented each other. We would always joke that where my voice ends, hers begins and vice versa.”

“What Matthew so humbly forget to mention is that we met at HIS show on Cinco de Mayo!” Liz said. “I was like ‘OMG who is that guy singing like an angry angel and shredding on the guitar?’ I asked him if he needed a backup singer, he said YES, and we’ve been making music together ever since!”

Their songwriting process heavily takes into consideration vocal harmonies and how to best combine their voices to make a unified one. They have together formed a holistic sound over the years, though their influences and journeys into music have been diverse.

“We’re weirdos,” Liz said. “We both grew up performing different styles of music – I was a choir geek and Matthew tore it up in a heavy rock band. There are elements of both styles in our songs and our sound reflects our contrasting pasts. Now we love making music that inspires people to dance and be good to one another.”

Being based in Southern California, they have been influenced by the So-Cal environment. Mathew said they like to bring the historical West Coast pop culture into their music, and it shows in the songs such as “Starstruck,” a track that peers into the Hollywood fame-seeking lifestyle. Further West Coast influences can be heard on the fun, poppy dance track “Rainbow Eyes,” which especially sounds suited for the night life in L.A. Check it out here:

“Rainbow Eyes is an uplifting song about the calm after the storm – finding that moment of bliss when everything is right in the world,” Liz said. “It is also about getting high…whatever that means to you!”

Matthew added, “It’s like the moment in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy is elevated to the world of color!”

“Rainbow Eyes” will be part of a bigger upcoming release, so for all you fans out there – be sure to pick it up when it drops. Aside from recording music for proper releases, Sikora also enjoys performing for people in a unique live experience. They have performed their signature organic and synthesized hybrid in about 40 shows so far, and more listeners continue to join the musical venture Sikora has set out on.

“We love playing famous venues in L.A. like the Satellite, but my most memorable show was DEFINITELY opening up for Bernie Sanders at his rally at the Wiltern Theatre,” Liz said. “We were (and still remain) giant supporters so it was a HUUGGE honor to play for him.”

“Yes!” Matthew said. “The Bernie Sanders rally the most memorable show we’ve played so far! Especially when he thanked us on stage for playing!”


Photo via SIKORA

For the rest of 2017, Sikora is focusing on putting all its influences together to make new songs and finishing its next release. Both Matthew and Liz shared a bit of what they’ve learned along the way to help other electronic artists who are looking to make dance music with substance that goes beyond the beats.

“Don’t be afraid of using organic instruments or to tell your own story by using Dance music as a platform,” Matthew said. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the other Dance Music artists, like Flume is: it doesn’t need to be bouncy or 4 on the floor to be Dance Music.”

“Write about what you know,” Liz said. “Don’t be afraid of sounding stupid or taking a risk with melodies and lyrics. You can’t please everyone, so do something you feel good about sharing with the world!”

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The Micronaut – New Album Release

German multi-instrumentalist and producer The Micronaut has recently released his downtempo album “Forms” in December. Check out the chill vibes single “Prism” here:

The Micronaut is the alias of Stefan Streck, who released his third full-length album “Forms” on Acker Records, one of Germany’s leading independent electronic labels. The album features electronica, intelligent dance music and pop with a melancholic edge. His trance-inducing melodies and relaxing rhythms have created an atmosphere that is spreading inspirations from Stefan’s homeland of Germany to around the globe.


Photo credit: Maria Hartmann

The music produced The Micronaut is a collage of samples, guitars, and narrating speech that result in a one-man orchestra. Aside from releasing his own music and doing remixes, he has played around 100 shows a year that brought him bookings with Apparat, Paul Kalkbrenner, Sven Väth, Ada, The Notwist, Nightmares On Wax and Phon.o and many more.

Check out the album’s first single “Pyramid” here:

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