“Without Me” Hits All the Right Emotions

Moving, endearing, thoughtful, and heartbreak are all words that come to mind for the track “Without Me” by Cara Chen featuring Sunnie Quing. Check out the song below: https://open.spotify.com/album/2FCYBwx4y4CLpLHXGe9UuX The song begins with mystical vocals and a synth-line that builds anticipation, allowing the listener to get into the mood of the song. When the beat … Continue reading “Without Me” Hits All the Right Emotions

Sunnie Quing’s “Dream Land” Will Take You Through the Stars

Chinese-native musical artist Sunnie Quing is going to keep your feet moving to the dancing beat with her song “Dream Land.” Check out the sweat-inducing track below: https://open.spotify.com/album/4uNk1MRXbbSUk4yoGATn5H “Dream Land” is a collaboration by Sunnie Quing and DJ Banger, who have come together to create a song that goes well with flickering strobe lights and … Continue reading Sunnie Quing’s “Dream Land” Will Take You Through the Stars

Artist Interview – WHYNE

Italy-native multi genre musician and producer WHYNE recently released the dance-pop ballad “Anyway I Miss You” featuring LYNX and Joey Law. Enter the Venture spoke with this up and rising star about his music, challenges he has faced, and his latest musical collaboration. Listen to the song here: https://open.spotify.com/album/3mRKy7NHkUM9U3OrNn1L1N WHYNE’s musical journey began at age … Continue reading Artist Interview – WHYNE

Nocturnal Omissions’ “Divine Atrocities” is a Blast from the Past

Nocturnal Omissions is a one-man solo electronic project whose music has been largely unknown for too long. Originally releasing albums as Soundcloud exclusives, a deal was inked to re-release their internet-only albums to be available on all streaming services. One of those albums, “Divine Atrocities,” released in 2006, has been remastered and is now available … Continue reading Nocturnal Omissions’ “Divine Atrocities” is a Blast from the Past

Get Your Music Reviewed!

Enter the Venture has always been committed to providing song reviews, EP reviews, and album reviews for up and coming musicians. Whether its Rock, EDM, Hip-Hop, Country, or Pop, Enter the Venture will make sure to make your music more noticeable to increase your fanbase and grow sales. If you're interested in being featured on … Continue reading Get Your Music Reviewed!