Sweet Lily Love Releases New Single

EDM artist Sweet Lily Love has recently released her new single “LIFE V2.0” on all streaming platforms. Check out the dance raver below:

Sweet Lily Love is no stranger when it comes to bringing the beats that make your body move and with her latest track “LIFE V2.0” she continues to do so in a riveting new way. Through inspiration and fluttering imagination, the track mixes what worked in the past with a modern edge to bring upon a new landscape of possibilities.

The track opens with a sci-fi arpeggio synth accompanied by hauntingly beautiful vocals by Randy Louise. The intro buildup immerses us into a rocket ship heading off into space and on the beat drop, a fun and catchy synth-line kicks in with energy as we’re blasting off. The ambiance of the track would go well in a club setting with strobe lights and smoke machines firing away, perfect for any festivity. The beat will get you jumping and down, but it’s the production, vocals and background sound effects all mixed together that makes this song stand out from its contemporaries. There is a magical mysticism and fantasy vibe present that elevates the song to the next level, and this charm can only be brought by Sweet Lily Love.

Overall, “LIFE V2.0” is enough to get the party started and will have you getting lost in the trance of electronic goodness. The rave scene needs new visionaries to keep things fresh, and Sweet Lily Love is on a roll with the release of multiple singles that have all brought upon a new wave of creativity. To stay up to date, check out her Facebook and Spotify.

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