Jru Anthony – Artist Interview

The next up-and-coming musical prodigy is about to be making huge waves through his expressive emotion that stems from a variety of genres. The multi-talented Jru Anthony has been crafting songs since he was a kid and has already left an impression at just age 19. He has recently released his album “Life For Now,” a collection of personal and narrative songs. Today he spoke with ETV about the meaning behind his album, who inspires him, and his plans for the future. Check out the album below:

When Jru was growing up, there was no doubt that he would get into music. His father was the Go-Go band leader of Lissen, and surely the DNA carried onto Jru, who said he was a natural songwriter even at an early age.

“I was a pretty outgoing kid growing up,” Jru said. “My friends would say I was the guy that was always humming and banging on desks. I just couldn’t help but make songs even in school.”

After dropping his “Hitori” album in 2020, more songwriting eventually led to the creation of his latest album “Life For Now.” Aside from writing lyrics and recording vocals, Jru also played most instruments on every track and self-produced the record. The album was finished in about a year and a half and features songs that make the best of his main musical inspirations from the likes of Pharrell, Tyler, The Creator, Prince, and Michael Jackson, while also forming his own signature sound through uplifting lyrics and soulful instrumentation.

“The main message behind the album is to have an optimistic take on life,” Jru said. “You wanna always look forward to the way things will be in your future, hoping that they will be better, even if you are in a bad spot at the moment.”

Stand-out tracks include “Move On” and “See You,” which have a pop-dance-funky feel to them while “Fouram” is a bittersweet ballad. However, Jru said he doesn’t write music to fit into any genre as long as he follows his passion.

“My music has no genre,” Jru said. “Only emotion. I try to connect with whatever feeling I’m feeling at the moment and produce whatever comes from my heart. My music is a true portrayal of how I was feeling during that time.”

The result is a eclectic and diverse LP that is both rhythmic and psychadelic. The album seems to be the launching pad for Jru to take his musical career to the next level, as it sounds professional in every sense of the word, from the clean production that will make your body move to the thought-provoking words that wil make your mind melt. Check out the album’s lead single “Greenlight” below:

It’s clear that the music Jru makes is just a way for him to express himself therapeutically, and there’s no doubt those who listen will hear and relate to this. This expression is why he makes his music as it ultimately keeps him sane.

“I make music because it is a way for me to express my thoughts and emotions,” Jru said. “My mind is always moving so rapidly, filled with over-thought ideas and chord progressions. If I didn’t have a way to get them out, I’d probably end up a crazy person. I am always getting inspired by new music that I find and the people I look up to in the industry.”

For now, Jru plans on creating more music for his growing fanbase as well as building his social media following on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. Here’s his message to all his fans:

“Wanna thank each and every one of you who has bought or streamed the album. If you watched the music video or taken the time to follow my socials, You mean the world to me! More shows soon. Love.” ~ Jru Anthony

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