Chris St John Delivers Heartfelt Emotion on “When Dreams End”

Songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Chris St John is back again with his latest album “When Dreams End.” He’s been climbing many charts with the success of his catchy and earnest singles and looks to continue with his latest release that he recorded in Nashville with producer Stephen Wrench. Check out the album below:

The album’s writing process started as just a single, then evolved into an EP, and ultimately an LP, a journey that showcases Chris St John’s prolific songwriting nature and how he’s able to pour his heart out to create a full body of work in no time.

The album opens with “Lost Without Your Love,” a stringed and emotional arrangement that is both hopeless and romantic, eliciting feelings that are deep and tender. The song is about the vulnerability one feels when exposing your heart and how letting go of fear leads to true romantic love. Chris St John’s vocals are warm and clear, giving a sense of comfort to the listener. The guitars wouldn’t be out of place in a classic Country track, from Western-style solos to boot-tapping rhythms. The opener really sets the mood and tone to what this album is going to be.

The second track “Oh Papa” begins mysteriously with momentous guitar strumming as drum and bass slowly enter the picture to create a larger than life sound. The musicianship is top notch here and the lyrics tell a story that is relatable for anyone who has lost a father. The guitar solos are exquisite and takes the song to the next level. “No More One Mores” is a sincere tale about living in the moment and not focusing much on the past or future. This piano ballad’s main treats are the story and the great supporting vocals.

“What’s Wrong with Me” is a stark difference in the narrative department, as Chris’s message is about a person who seems unsure of his own identity, hence the title. He sings “I’m my own worst enemy / I’m alone because of me / Lost away our memories,” bringing upon a feeling of despair, which is a nice counterbalance to the happier songs on the album. The title track “When Dreams End” is a kindhearted song detailing how dreams can be your only true friend and also how to find your way back to innocence. 

“Her Name Was Lilly” is about a man who met a girl in another country and how she stole his heart, and now he wants to take her away with him. The song was written based on Chris’ mission trips to El Salvador and the beauty he found in the people and the country, and he ultimately delivers a song the people would be proud to hear, especially with him singing the chorus in Spanish. His guitar playing is also romantically-fueled with nice Flamenco-inspired stylings.

“Bitter Tears” is an emotional letter to lost loved ones, with the message being to enjoy the people around you while they’re still around because once they’re gone you will be left with bitter tears. The song ties up the album nicely with a bow on top, and it truly shows Chris’ songwriting ability to go deep and touch upon themes that many may have a hard time opening up with. His songs serve as a way for his listeners to connect into their own feelings.

Overall, “When Dreams End” is a unique and diverse album, featuring clean production by Stephen Wrench and superb musicianship by Nashville’s most renowned session musicians. Chris St John continues his journey of songwriting which will no doubt touch the heartstrings of all who hear his songs. To stay up to date with all things Chris, check him out on his website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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