Bottlerockets Release New Single “(This Was A) Love Song”

The up-and-coming Brisbane, Australia-native band Bottlerockets have recently released its latest indie rock single “(This Was A) Love Song.” The band is comprised of 22-year-old singer-songwriter Tom Fitzgerald, James (Drums), Lachlan (Guitar), Chloe (keys) and Deakin (Bass). Check out the song below:

Written in late 2020, the track encapsulates an array of feelings stemming from a breakup and the uncertainty between past and present of relationships. After the delicate guitar intro, Tom Fitzgerald’s voice is up front and center, bleeding emotion through every word he sings. The lyrics present a relatable hopeless romantic, allowing the listener to open up to sentiments of their own experiences. The initial drop of the guitar is done with a heavy, grungy sounding riff, followed by guitar overlays. The sound is full and bombastic yet still clear enough as the vocals sit on top of the mix.

The song features dynamic changes from loud to quiet, keeping the song interesting and unexpected. The backing vocals in the softer sections are reminiscent to 50s doo wop, but soon after the rawness kicks back in and you feel the band’s emotion seep through. The outro includes a soaring solo, more chorus backing vocals, and a driving punch behind the rhythmic section, leading into a climactic ending. Overall, “(This Was A) Love Song” delivers the passion, soothing vibes and power to show off the group’s range.

We look forward to hearing more from Bottlerockets. To stay up to date with the band, check out their Instagram.

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