Artist Interview – WHYNE

Italy-native multi genre musician and producer WHYNE recently released the dance-pop ballad “Anyway I Miss You” featuring LYNX and Joey Law. Enter the Venture spoke with this up and rising star about his music, challenges he has faced, and his latest musical collaboration. Listen to the song here:

WHYNE’s musical journey began at age 10 when he began playing piano, and then he moved on to vocals, guitar, and drums, all while being inspired by the likes of SUM 41, Lady Gaga, The Chainsmokers, REZZ, Skrillex, Boombox Cartel and more. Eight years ago, WHYNE started producing music that lets him be an avid storyteller. He draws from real life and wants to invoke strong emotions in people with his music.

“I hope my music will help people in a difficult moment,” WHYNE said. “I hope it makes them smile when they are not happy and I hope it will let them know that they are not alone if there is something wrong.”

WHYNE is known for having the ability and competency to present music in many different styles. But early on, he found that criticism in the music industry was a tough challenge to overcome.

“The biggest challenge for me was believing in myself and keep fighting for what I want,” WHYNE said. “I always wanted to work in the music industry but I was scared of the critics, but I understand that I need of critics to to help me understand where I was wrong and to let me watch everything from another point of view.”

Despite the critics, WHYNE is continuing to create new tracks and forming new musical collaborations along the way. His latest is the song “Anyway I Miss You” features LYNX and Joey Law. The song has lamenting lyrics but with hopeful meaning in an EDM-style song that goes well with long summer nights.

“I wrote the lyrics in three days and I worked on the instrumentals for two months, ‘Anyway’ changed too many times from the beginning,” WHYNE said. “Working with LYNX and Joy Law was amazing. They are incredible, super professionals and they understood immediately how ‘Anyway’ is important for me.”

“Anyway I Miss You” will definitely put WHYNE on the map as a producer to be on the lookout for. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, WHYNE seeks to positively influence society with his music. Stay up to date with WHYNE by following him on Spotify.

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