Alex Genadinik’s latest song “Kissed by a Song” is Majestic

Alex Genadinik returns with a heartfelt track titled “Kissed by a Song.” Check out the video here:

In the time of spring, it is customary to listen to tunes that bring about visions of flowers blooming and trees growing, and that’s exactly what Alex’s latest track “Kissed by a Song” brings. The song is being touted as a love song to a song, and it surely evokes the feeling you feel after a kiss. Let’s dive in.

Alex’s songwriting usually takes a unique angle and covers topics that are poetic in nature. The first half of the song is inspiration and calming, then halfway through, the drums kick in and you can feel the power behind the message in full force. It is soft, tender, but also transforms into an upbeat, melodic piece. The acoustic ballad is truly filled with emotion and sincerity, accessible to people of all ages.

The instrumental section that follows features a finger-picked guitar solo that is lively and peaceful. As a musician, Alex has mastered the components that make for a fun listening experience, and as a songwriter, Alex knows how to transport the listener to a fantasy land where pain dissolves and love reigns supreme. There’s no question anyone listening to this song will feel like they are floating in the clouds.

The lyric “Song, come back to me where you belong” is the embodiment of what the track is really about. Alex does a good job of utilizing personification in this sense and makes the listener believe the song in question is a real person incarnate. The essence of the message is ultimately that love is the quintessence of what compels us to follow our passions, whether they be another person, an art piece, or a song. Alex has a knack for taking obscure concepts and making them accessible in a poetic, lovely way, and “Kissed by a Song” is no exception.

To find more of Alex and his music, check out his website at or on Instagram, and Spotify. Alex also is an online entrepreneur, check out his business if you want to buy online courses to resell.

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