Chris St John Delivers Moving Song “Fly Away”

Chris St John delivers a heartwarming, upbeat ballad with the release of the self-titled track from his latest album “Fly Away.” Check out the song here:

Chris St John has been writing songs since age 7 and playing guitar since 14, and it’s only after decades of being a singer-songwriter and guitar player that he recently decided to share his music with the world in a professionally produced way. Years of experience and maturity have crafted his style, which comes into light with “Fly Away.” Written about the birth of his son, John, the song is about watching him grow from childhood, to graduation, to “flying away” to college and beyond.

The opening of the song features calm acoustic guitars that set up the stage as Chris’ warm and serene voice begins to express a moving story. The lyrics relay how children grow up fast and how the passage of time is something precious that needs to be appreciated. The first verse is poignant: “They say time flies/I didn’t believe them/Before your eyes, they’ll be out the door.” The chorus picks up with the catchy lines “fly away/you’re flying away.” Anyone who has had their children move out and leave behind emptiness will be able to relate to this song. The accompanying strings and backing vocals in the chorus add textures that delight the ear and add to the impact of the message.

The second verse’s lyrics are genuine and make you want to shed a tear: “I just held you, I cannot believe it/You’re heading off to live on your own/A million hours, tears, joy, laughter/I treasured it all, the best years I’ve known.” Chris’ lyrics are well crafted and he is able to tug at the heartstrings just as controlled and skilled as he plucks at his guitar. Despite the separation between the two, Chris keeps his door open for his son to come home if ever needs to. The message is inspirational and something every father should strive to provide for their children.

The following instrumentation section is jubilant with strings, electric guitar, and keys all combining as ingredients to form this fine country-tinged meal. This leads to a reflective breakdown: “Live your dreams… you can be anyone when you fly away.” It’s ultimately a line tying the message together and showing that despite the sadness arising from detachment, it’s a necessary aspect required to happen in the circle of life. Overall, the lyrics are about a real occurrence many parents deal with and the song is written in a vulnerable, nostalgic way, where you find yourself nodding in agreement to every word sung. It takes a master of his craft to write such strong, emotional concepts and make them accessible in an easy to listen to song.

The productions and musicians featured on this song are top notch, and all elements of the song, from the mixing, mastering, and performance are all captured in crystal clarity. Combined with storytelling focusing on family, closeness, and appreciation for the passage of time, “Fly Away” is a wholesome track for people of all ages to enjoy.

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